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I'm puzzled by Nomar's behavior ???

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I work second shift and before I go in to work I spend time with Nomar, (or I should say what ever time Nomar allows me to spend with him)...When I come home he greets me by the door with his eyes half open so I know he has been sleeping... Nothing is out of place, but the minute I sit down to relax and put TV on or log on to (yes the Cat Site) he acts up.. He goes in the kitchen and knocks over garbage, when I go in to kitchen he's laying there looking at me like he's innocent.. Then he goes in living room where I am and pulls on curtains, climbs up on entertainment stand and knocks over speakers... trys to play with cords. (He's never done that before.) the list goes on and on...and all during this time. I am constantly getting up and having to remove him from cords, breakable things...cabinets etc...I don't know why he's displaying this behavior when I am home..I could understand if he did this while I was at work...If anyone can help me with this PLEASE do!!! Well,I have to go he's rearranging my living room.
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How old is Nomar? Sounds like he wants a playmate - and you're it. Once you come home is time for fun and games. If he is only young (under one year) he probably seriously does want a friend of around the same age. Can you support two? Aside from vaccinations, neutering etc two don't cost a lot more to keep. I had a young cat doing much the same as Nomar (and he wasn't totally confined either, only kept in at night) and I realised when he was 7 months old he was desperate for a mate. I got another young cat from the refuge (6 months) and the problem was solved immediately, apart from saving the second cat from death row. If you cannot have another cat, I'd suggest some serious interactive playtime a couple of times a day - there's some great cat toys available now, or you can do lots of interesting things with cardboard boxes, things on string, ping pong balls etc. Cats want lots of behavioural outlets if totally confined. There's some great info about this on http://maxshouse.com and elsewhere on the net. Outdoor enclosures help a lot too, if it really is unsafe to let Nomar outside and you are in a situation where you can build one onto your house.
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Thanks Mary13 for your reply..Nomar will be a year old on July 3 ....
He has a lot of toys and he does play with some of them...
As for spending time with him. He follows me around the house... a couple of days ago I was on the phone and he started scratching my arm. Once I hung up the phone he was fine and fell asleep next to me...
I have seriously thought about a companion for him but if he has me wrapped around his paws (so to speak). I can imagine what he would do to the new addition..I picture coming home from work and finding Nomar carrying bits and pieces of the other kitty...
Yesterday I found Nomar trying to take a picture off the wall..I can laugh about it now but it wasn't funny at the time..
Tonight while writing this, he sat on the arm of the couch, next to me, and took his paw and tried to knock over lamp..he did it so subtle...
Thanks for your input...
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He sounds bored. A playmate might just do the trick.

My Maya Linn gets up on my dresser and knocks stuff off when I'm in bed and she wants to be fed. If I ignore her, she comes up on the bed and continuously "love bites" me till I give in. Sometimes I'll make like I'm going to the kitchen to feed them, (they all follow me) and then run back into my room, close the door and go back to sleep.
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Hi RedheadHon

I'm trying to reply directly to your message, don't know whether I've been successful or not, I'm new to this forum and it's a bit different to others I've been on. Anyway, I had the same worries as you about a new cat, my Ijaz at 7 months was a real tiger and I thought he might seriously damage a new cat, the reason I got one close to him in age. He had really torn pieces out of my arms and anything else he could get his teeth and claws into. I didn't think a young kitten would have been a good idea, much as I wanted one. But the second cat I got, Banjo, even though at 6 months he was way past young kittenhood, was just a delight for both of us and they didn't ever seem to hurt each other though they played pretty rough at times. I had that same trouble with Ijaz on the phone, too, he wouldn't leave me alone until I hung up or shut him out. Actually I've had older cats that didn't seem to like me talking on the phone either, goodness knows why, it seems to worry them for some reason.
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Thanks Mary and Donna for your input..
I always thought if Nomar was bored then he would get into things while I am at work.. I leave at 1:30p and don't return until 11:30p. Yet his behavior starts when I come home...This is just within the past few days that he's been doing this...
I would love to get another kitty but I don't think Nomar would let me share my time with the new one...(How's that for a cat controlling his owner?) If he gets aggressive with me while I am on the phone I can just imagine what he would do if I showed attention to the other one..
I tried one time to get some sleep and I shut my bedroom door..He meowed, scratched the door and pushed on it..he even started to dig at the carpet..Finally I gave in and let him in...after I saw what he did to carpet, I gave up the fight and he won the battle...He just has this determination about him...
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Loretta; I think in lieu of another cat you need to get Nomar a toy buddy. Now, don't laugh, but have you tried giving him his own small stuffed cat or beanie baby bear or cat. Leave t for him near where he likes to sleep or even near where he eats. Make a point of handling it so it has your scent and then give it to him and even play with him with it. If you come home and it has been mutilated; well, better it than a new, live buddy!

Nomar is young and I think, to a certain extent, he is testing you. Some cat's personalities require a lot more reassurance. Also, he sees you go out the door and he is not sure what happens to you out there. Have you ever tried taking him out, other than to the vet, and just holding him and walking around and then coming back indoors. Just to show him that going out is not a bad thing. Sometimes our cats are confused when they smell the outdoors on us and have never experienced it; except in terms of a trip to the Dr.

Let me know how it goes. . . . . Darlene
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Thanks Darlene,
As I stated in my letter to you I am going to take him out and let him see theres more to going out then just a vet visit.
When I use to own a home my cat and dog were free to roam outside and I didn't have to worry if someone would pick them up or if they would run away...
It's different now..
I will also try the stuff toy..I am curious how he will take to it...
Thanks so much for sharing your view with me. I'll let you know how it goes...
Should be very interesting.
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