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awwww what a pretty kitty

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this is ashton he is one of my stray babies. he is the bravest and will run up to me meowing if i have canned food.
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Val, we us a bit different code than you must be used to. The easiest way to link a picture is to use the IMG button at the top of the posting box and paste your link in there.
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that is easy LOL
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this is his sister tiger lily (lily) she is getting really friendly and has the most amazing sea foam color eyes. She is the little girl that is her real eye color. Such a pretty girl!

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here is sherbert. Mr don't come near me kitty LOL he is warming up very very slowly.

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beleave it or not those color kitties came from snowwhite! she has lived here longer then we have.

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and these are my spoiled inside men. They are on there christmas gift

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They're beautiful Val!
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WoW! Beautiful kitties~~~ We LOVE pictures!

BTW: Welcome!!!
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Beautiful Kitties! Especially the orange tabby boys. I have such a soft spot for a big orange kitty.
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I love my orange boys. there is something very speical about orange tabbies. my guys are so snuggle. Just love them to peaces!!
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What lovely kitties you have.
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I wholly agree with krazy kat2 and princess purr. Orange tabbies are the best. so cuddly

(No offense to anyone else's cats, all cats are great!)

p.s. Princess Purr I heard orange cats are more...umm, territorial...? (is that the word) more than other colored male cats. I've got an orange cat, but I guess your cats get along just fine eh?
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awww cute! the first one looks like hes actually smiling for the camera! LOL

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Gorgeous kitties .

Thanks for sharing, and Welcome!
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Princess Purr, I tried to go to your site by clicking the first link in your sig. It appears that you have a mistake there, just click and you see it. It is correct in your sig but it doesn't work. Blah, did you get my point? English isn't my mother language and I'm having problems sometimes to express myself....
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Hopefully this one works. This is a link to Val's pet site
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Tamme: I have only cared for two orange tabbies so far, but I have been around others.
They were both sweethearts! Very tolerant as well.
Avil (a young kitten) however, him and his sister were very sickly kittens I took in for a while, he was a bit protective of his food when it came to other cats near him, but heck that's to be expected sometimes when the cats been starving to death most it's life eh?
Other wise they both played fine, very friendly and got along with all the people and other cats.
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The other day, I heard a hilarious song played on CBC radio, called "When Cats Go Wrong", and found out it was from a CD called "Orange Cats Make the Very Best Friends".

Its by a Toronto folk musician, and proceeds from the CD sales go to the Annex Cat Rescue. Go here, you can read the lyrics (link near bottom of the page).
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I think my links are fixed now sorry about that. I set my siggie up very very late last night :LOL:
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gorgeous cats!
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I think the cat with the colored points that came from the white cat is gorgeous, and I love Sherbert. As you can see, we love pictures here! My guess is that Sherbert, when she eventually makes friends, will be a real character!- and maybe even a love bug!
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