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Homework Help

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My son has a page of slogans and we have to figure out who they belong to. We have one left and I can't figure it out...

It's expensive, but I'm worth it.

Anyone know what it is?

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Isn't that a make up commercial? I won't swear to it, but it sounds familiar. I'm not sure which brand though. I can just picture the girl saying "...but I'm worth it".
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Im still looking but so far I can't find anything!
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I wish I could help -- I did a search and it came up with L'Oreal -- Because I'm worth it -- Maybe its that
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I've googled it but haven't come up with anything specific. My husband says it's Meredith Baxter-Birney in the commercial, but we just can't quite put our finger on it.
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I believe that's from L'Oreal Hair Products.
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My mom thought L'Oreal, too. but we couldn't match the exact slogan. we'll use that and see what the teacher says.

Thanks everyone!!
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Isn't it a line from the Commercial Heather Locklear does for L'Oreal Hair Coloring..
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Yep, its L'Oreal paris line slogan. Here's a link that tells how it has been used for 30 years, etc.
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yeah, on the website I got the slogan because Im worth it, but right before that it stated that it was affordable, and not expensive!
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All of the L'Oreal adverts end with "you're worth it" - it's definitely one from L'Oreal that I haven't seen yet.
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