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Don't Forget the Lyrics....

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Anyone else like this show? Me and the husband have been watching it for what 1-2mths now and I must say I love this show. And I must say yes I sing along and I am not to bad at knowing my lyrics. I am one of those people who listens to any and all music from Harry Belafonte to Metallica to Beatles and everything in between. I knew My Girl, Silly Love Songs, and Round and Round. So who else likes that show. And how are you at the lyrics.
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I'm watching it right now too! I know alot of the lyrics, but sometimes I find myself completely stumped.
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me too!! auprisingly ive known all of the sings tonight.. i could be winning all of this money!! :-o
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Mustang Sally just stumped me. That is one song I really don't know the lyrics to.
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I like it - -I think its alot better than that Singing Bee show -- I would be terrible as a contestant though.
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ohh i knew that one too!! im so mad.. lol i wonder what the next one will be!
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oh i dont know this song...
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Yup! I love that show!!
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I knew it as in heard it a few times before. But I don't know them(lyrics) off the top of my head.
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I watch this show quite often as well. I am not to bad with the songs and do get them about 80% of the time..It funny though the ones I think I know the best I usually don't get..
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