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New here

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My name is Lisa and I have cats at my mom's house because I'm not allowed at my apartment. I have a cat named Kenny (long story), Rosie (who's a boy, another long story), Tabby, and Fluffy. I will post pics soon!
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Hi Lisa
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Hi Kim
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Hi Lisa!!
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Welcome again Lisa! Can't wait to see pics of your kitties. We love kitty pics around here.
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Hi Lisa!

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Welcome Lisa!
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Hello there Lisa

It is hard when your accommodations wont allow you to house your furry friends. Your Mum obviously likes cats too. Onya Mum.

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I'm going to second Heidi's request for kitty pictures!!!

And welcome Lisa!
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I have one of Kenny and one of Fluffy. (AKA Rosie) I'll explain that story now. It started off, we were told Fluffy/Rosie was a girl. That's where Rosie came from. We got Rosie and she was still so little it was hard to tell. I admit I'm not cat expert. Anyways, we "thought" Rosie turned out to be a boy. Hense the name Fluffy. Then we found out she was a girl. Now we call her Rosie, but at the Vet's her name is Fluffy. Confusing, I know...LOL!

Anyways, here's Fluffy
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Here's Kenny. My nephew who's 12 likes South Park, so he named Kenny. But Kenny is a
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What beautiful cats you have Lisa! Too bad they can't be with you permanently...hopefully someday.
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Welcome to the board. Your Kenny looks like my Trouble!! Look!!

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Oh my goodness! They look like twins!!!! How cute!!!

Yeah, when we FINALLY get a house, I am taking Kenny and Fluffy with me. The other cats are terrified of any place besides the home they have now.
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hello and welcome!
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Thank you! You all have beautiful kitties!
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wow those two black kitties could be twins!! how cute!
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It is cute!!!
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Woah, Kenny does look like Trouble...cuties! Rosie/Fluffy is also adorable.
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LOL @ Rosie/Fluffy.
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Hi, Lisa, and welcome! I love your fem--male and ma--I mean wait. I'll start over I like your cats! Actually Kenny and HER twin Trouble look like my Pixie, who was my very special baby. We'll look forward to learning more about Fluffy/Rosie and Kenny/--! That's right--no other name for her, right?
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The more I look at the two pictures the harder it becomes to tell the difference between Trouble and Kenny. *grin* You aren't sneaking into my apartment snapping pics when I am not there, are you??
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Just want to say Welcome, Lisa Marie!!

i think your meowmies are just so adorable!! Smiles!!

Hope you will enjoy this site as much as i do!!

Take care!

From a newbie too!


:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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Welcome to the site!
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