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For all you gamers out there....

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We're getting our tax returns back soon and I want to buy a new game for my PC. I'm not into the killing, fighting kind of games, or the D&D games. My favorites are King Quest series, The longest Journey, etc, where you find objects and use them later, get info from talking to characters, etc. Any suggestions? I checked on ebay and I can't find ANYTHING like that...do they still make games like that? It seems like all they have now are either fighting games, or games like Sim City and Age of Empires (which DH is addicted to!).

If you know of any like that, please give me some suggestions. I have to buy online because we have wal-mart and 1 computer store and I don't like any of the games there.
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they dont really make those types of games much anymore.
hehe kings quest, space quest, where great game hehe.
here are some that came to mind.



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I'd suggest "black & white" the first version (they now have a second addition out). It has strategy, you can find "stuff" to use...There are puzzles to solve. You also get to construct villages, tell villagers what to do, and choose to be good or evil (you are in the role of a god in the game). Plus, you get a creature with AI that can be taught what to and not to do (i.e. do you let him eat the villagers or tell him not to? ) etc. Very good game. The second version is good, but a lot different than the first.

You should be able to pick up the first B&W at walmart or online now for about $15. Good investment in terms of game playing time. But I must warn you, it's VERY addictive.

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Try Siberia http://www.amazon.com/Dreamcatcher-S.../dp/B00006AALC and there is a Siberia 2 now as well.
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