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Having a couple of bad days

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I can tell that I've neglected to take my anxiety meds routinely. I'm not dealing with life very well right now.

I knew that this time of year would be very hard - as it always is. March is Music in Our Schools Month (or Madness in our Schools Month - however you want to look at it).

I'm so incredibly busy, I've even double booked myself (unintentionally). I don't have a Saturday free this month - Things just keep piling on.

We have a musical to put on and it's the end of the trimester.

The thing I'm having a really hard time with is 5th grade chorus. I can NOT seem to find a groove with them. They are nice kids and mean well. But everything is about me me me me me. Today I almost cried in front of them because for the past couple of rehearsals they can't get into their seats quick enough for me so I can start my 37 minute rehearsal.

Back track:

I have a 37 min rehearsal and 85 students need to get themselves and their backpacks, coats, instruments etc. into a portable. I know it's not going to be quick.

But kids keep switching seats and not making good choices about who they sit next to - so they end up talking and I spend more time reprimanding them than actually singing.

So (before) I asked boys NOT to sit next to boys. And that took FOREVER and never worked.

So now I made a seating arrangement for them and today about 6-7 people asked to switch seats or 'why am I on the wrong side'. On top of that they are signing up for new trimester classes (but chorus is a whole year) and kids want to quit so they can go to another class that their friend might be in.

I just couldn't handle all the kids coming up to me to tell me they want to quit, they're in the wrong seat, they can't find their seat, they want to switch seats, they can't make rehearsal after school, they missed a different rehearsal for such and such a reason, can they go to the bathroom, can they call their parents, (The secretary phoning my room to give messages to kids), the list just goes on.

Now I know some of you may try to offer advice like 'you don't want those kids if they don't want to be there'.........It's not that. Every kid that has been in chorus since September can stick it out to the end of the year. I am a fun teacher and I'm doing fun songs - seriously. It's 37 minutes and it's not the end of the world to actually be in chorus. Middle schoolers change their mind whenever the owl hoots. These kids are good kids but they just want to jump on the bandwagon and do what their friends are doing and no one is actually making them stick out their commitment.

Parents refuse to talk to me about why their kid wants to drop chorus. There's a policy in place and THEY don't care.

I can hardly wait for the year to be over. I just want it to be summer.
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Awwww honey!

I hope all goes well for you!
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
I can tell that I've neglected to take my anxiety meds routinely.
Be careful with that... look up the med name and "withdrawal syndrome". For some, just missing a dose makes them feel off or even ill.

As for the kids quiting, I remember back when I chorus... I didn't particularly like the class. We were only let out within the first week - week and a half after that class started (at the first of the year), unless there was a big problem with the teacher.
The class regularly had people dropping it as no one liked being called stupid or other names.

Often kids go into the class thinking "no homework" and that it's easy but want out once they learn they'll be singing in front of an audience. It sounds like you may need to spend a few minutes discussing rules with them and maybe tell them if they don't like it they can go spend the class sitting in the principle's office.
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First things first, start taking your anxiety meds regularly! If I miss a dose, I KNOW!! Next thing is, dont let them run all over you! Its hard not too I know! Stand your ground, tell them there will be consequences if they are not in their seats at the right time and follow through! Even if its a ten minute detention after school Im sure they'll learn quick! I was one of those kids, and once my principle kept me after school a few times I learned what not to do!
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