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Anyone have psychic abilities?

Please share your stories about your abilities or any about any experiences you have had with those you believe do. If you do, do you feel it is more following your natural intuition or no? When did you first discover this about yourself?

I don't have any stories to share, but I love hearing those that do.
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Sometimes I get a really bad feeling when something bad is about to happen... Or I start crying for no reason and then a couple hours later find out someone I know has had something happen to them (physically or emotionally). Also, me and my mom have had this happen to us A LOT, we'll pick up the phone to call each other and the other is already on the line (before it rings!!) or, on cell phones, we'll say "I had the phone in my hand to call you!"
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I've had strange things happen but I don't think I'm psychic. I had dream a few nights ago that I won five hundred dollars on a poker scratch off ticket. The next day I bought won and didn't win.
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Since I was little I've had visions and dreams that come true. I always write down my dreams, and can go back and see it later when it's happened. If something is missing, I can close my eyes and picture it and then I see where it is and I haven't been wrong yet. Other times it's just a "feeling", which I tend to ignore at times but I'm learning to trust it more and it's never wrong. John calls it psychic... whether it truly is or not I don't know.
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I consider myself to be rather intuitive (that's what the N in INTJ stands for after all ) and maybe open to some things - if I choose to be.

Some say intuition and psychic ability are the same, it's just when one starts listening to those "gut" feelings a bit more closely.
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I don't know if I have any psychic abilities but almost everything I dream has happened. And I have a lot of deja vus.
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I've been accused of being Psycho but never PPsychic!
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I've had a friend who was psychic in my life at least 3 times (waiting to see when this happens again) from Jr-SR high school, another in my late 20's, and a 3rd who I dated in my early 20's.

In each case, they proved to me, without a doubt, that they had the ability I found out they had (wasn't something that came up when I first met them, or right away).

As for myself, I don't know what to call it. I don't recall when this began, but I realized it for sure during my nursing career (from late 20's until I was 40) and it's continued since. I often say something to someone that I can tell is exactly what they were about to say - they get the most amazed look on their face (and I have a feeling just as I say it that this is something they are about to say). When I do it with my husband, he just tells me to get out of his head
I also (not very nice...) had one particular resident I worked with that I didn't care for in my last years...I would tell him the results of the exam he was doing as he was doing one, before he could say what the result was - and I was usually right <G>...I think it annoyed him greatly, which means it really wasn't very nice of me.
I also, in this case perhaps due simply to years of doing this, was often right if I said x is happening with this patient or their instincts were often truly right on.

Going back to my Junior year of college, I was studying away at a program approved for credit for my Junior year - and had my own apartment during that year. I was home visiting my mom, and napping...I awoke hearing someone I knew from the program I was in, calling my name. As I woke up I knew something was wrong. At that moment, another gal with my same first name, was waking to a fire in the barn where she had an apt she was was a very serious situation, that she luckily got out of okay. The person I "heard" calling my name lived near where this fire occured, and was thinking of this other person with my name.
Now to me, that is just plain freaky.
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I just get gut feelings. Something tells me to go check on one of the kids and I do just to find that something is wrong... I think motherhood has made my scences better too, because when Jacob was a baby I heard him stop breathing while we were sleeping! I didn't sleep well without the apnea monitor on him after that, and sometimes I wish I still had the stupid thing that would wake the neighbors everytime he stopped breathing or his heart stopped, got faster, slower, whatever!
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Love the stories so far
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Not a bit. I am very lucky, though.
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i wouldnt call it psychic, lucky maybe, but my boyfriend loves it, he can go in and buy scratch off tickets and i can tell by touching them if they are a winner or not, or if we pull up in front of a store i get a feeling about a certain ticket and it usually means the next one off that roll is a winner. its pretty cool. he loves to try to trick me but i have only been wrong once in the two years we have been together. we never win more than a few dollars so its more of a joke we play with each other.

now my younger sister i sware is psychic, a few years ago myself, my sister, her husband and my best friend were all staying the week together in my sisters apt. my sister had just taken her husband to work at wally world and dropped him off, and came back to pick me and my friend up and we were going to go shopping. When she got back my friend had just gotten in the shower so we had a few minutes to wait until she was ready. My sister sits down at the table and lays her head on her hands. All of a sudden she starts freaking out! She had a "vision", at the time she didnt knwo what it meant, all she would say was it had to do with hands, someone screaming, blood, a loud bang, my face and head was hurt, tears, metal and pain. She freaked, called her husband who was fine and still working. Knowing things from the past i knew that something was wrong because she often had knowledge of things happening before they did. Well that night nothing happened, we all continued to worry about it for a while then things calmed down. The next day we dropped her husband at work, my sister was driving, her husband had been in the front, i was in the drivers side back and my friend in the passenger side back. Neither of us got out to switch places after my bil went to work. My sister had a dr. apt across town and since it was raining we decided to ride with her. We got about half way there, stopped at a stop sign and then pulled into the intersection. Just as we entered the intersection a car came speeding from nowhere hitting us in the driver's side. (loud bang,) my head bounced off the side window so hard i was knocked out for an instant and my glasses landed in the passenger side rear window (my face and head hurt), the back seat of the car litterally folded around my body squishing me in a little cuplike area. my sister had a cut on her leg from the door(blood) and my friend had a bruise from the seatbelt. a lady who saw the accident came running up yelling, asking if anyone was hurt, my sister explained that i hit my head and the lady called 911(someone screaming). When the ambulance arrived they used the cutters to cut away my door and seat belt. After i was released from the hospital that night, i had a bad concusion, we were all sitting around talking. My sister began telling my parents about the vision and how she felt that our accident was what she had seen but she still didnt understand the hands, tears, and metal. My mom started to cry, and explained that my aunt and uncle had been arrested earlier in the day and lead away in front of their kids in handcuffs(hands, metal and tears).

now tell me thats not freaky!
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When I took genetics in college we always had take home tests. They were often hard and took time to work on. There always seemed to be one that I got stuck on. There was this one question, it was worth 20 points, and I had worked it out 3 or 4 times and could never find the result because it started with the grandchildren and you had to figure out the grandparents.

Out of frustration, I decided to lay down for a bit. As soon as I did, I had these letters flash in my head in a specific order. As soon as I got up, they started to fade so I grabbed a pen and wrote it down. I worked it out and it seemed like it would work, but I was not sure, but it was all I had. It could cost me my grade if it was wrong.

I ended up getting it right!

I do this on all occassions. When someone is getting ready to tell me their age the number will flash in my head right before they say it. I have never been wrong. I wish I could do that with the lottery!!!

Sometimes if a question is asked for like the academy awards or oscars and they are getting ready to annouce the winner, that will sometimes pop in my head also.

I don't know what to call it, but it is unusual.
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I'm not so sure that I'm psychic, but my dreams are very strange. Sometimes I can't distinguish true memories from dreams because they are so real! I have deja vu quite often and am getting better at recognizing it. There have been a few times that I said what the other person was about to say because of deja vu. It's creepy sometimes, because how would I know what was going to happen WELL before it really happpened!

My dreams are also very weird for the fact that if I have something really important comming up I will have several different dreams with different outcomes. It's almost like I'm preparing myself in my sleep for what could happen.

I really enjoyed reading everyone's replys!!! We have some amazing stories on here!!!
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I am enjoying reading everyone's experiences
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