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Anyone tried the LocoMotion toy?

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I'm thinking about getting one of these. I've been so busy with school that the guys aren't getting the amount of play time they really should (outside of their regular toys).


Anyone bought one already or something like it? I'd love to hear comments. Stimpy's adoption anniversary is Saturday, and I always get them something special for adoption anniversaries and birthdays. I was thinking this might be good since we haven't been getting enough wand toy play time. And I have AA rechargeable batteries too.
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I don't have that same one, but I have one that is similar, and the cats got bored with it after a day or so, plus the batteries wore down pretty quickly and the motor got really hot, so I stopped using it.

I find that the Cat Dancer is enjoyed MUCH more by the kitties, even without a human playing along. You might want to get one of those - they have a thing that lets you attach it to the wall for when you aren't there.
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We do have a cat dancer. It's just I've been so busy lately I feel bad we haven't had much wand toy time. Maybe they'll have to settle for a few times a week instead of daily.

I wondered if they got bored of the motorized toys quickly. I kind of thought they would, but thought I'd ask anyway.

Now I'm sure my husband will take one look at that website and say "They won't play with that!"

Edit: does your cat dancer have something to hold it in place?
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I saw a few interesting automated cat toys at the cat show I went to recently, that seemed like they would be interesting to cats.

One of them was called Undercover Mouse, the toy moves under a fabric sheet:

Another was called Fling-a-ma-String and it was a string on a sort of conveyer belt that hangs on the wall and flips down periodically:
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post

Edit: does your cat dancer have something to hold it in place?
I didn't get that accessory, no. I just leave it on the floor and they play with it - Ferris LOVES this toy. I have several, thanks to some good friends.

Ferris will be lying on the floor like a great lion, happily "possessing" one end of the cat dancer, which causes the other end to bounce around, which, in turn, causes Max or Penny to stalk and pounce on said bouncing end.

It is amazing how much they'll play with this on their own. But the way to really get them going with is to play with it with them yourself for a while first - it's so easy - you only have to hold it by one end, keeping your hand perfectly still - the cats do all the dancing!
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I bought one a while ago if anyone wants to try it I'll ship it. Sibohan's not fond of it but then again she's not fond of chaseing things dangled in front of her, I should have thought of that before I bought it.

Duke would have loved it so I think I must have been chaneling him when I bought it.
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