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Was it the Greenies?

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So Jordan had a great day yesterday, made a pig of himself just like he used to . So I was feeding all the kitties Greenies. Jordan was fine & is fine (It feels good to be able to say that). Isaac on the other hand had stinky runs, which of coarse got in his long rump hair (He needs a shave). Then when I woke up one of the cats had thrown up on the floor (In the walk way as usual). Last night Isaac had a type of food he eats all the time. I fed them breakfast & Isaac refused to eat. So I just put the food up & will try again later. I'm guessing it's possible that he just had 1 too many Greenies and it upset his tummy. I've never really been one to feed treats, so I'm thinking it was just the treats. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with greenies.
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Well, I do follow the guidance on the bag about how many per serving per weight - I did notice when Dante ate his, and Dharma's, his poo was a bit looser, but not much, for one day. Never affected their appetites, though. Hope all is well soon.
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Yeah, I think Raven used to throw them up. Stimpy hates them. And Nabu gets loose stools from too many (but he loves them).

Whiskas Natural Temptations go over better here (better liked and digested). They are new and a big hit at our house.
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I usually give one little piece per girl per day. But mine do well on Greenies.
Organix treats and Castor & Pollux gave them diarrhea though (also very healthy sounding treats). And Natural Purrz as well. Must be different for every kitty.
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I just bought a bag of greenies Tues this week, I give up to 4 treats a day every other day, haven't noticed a change in the colour, shape...or stink

I know you shouldn't be continusly changing type and brand of food but what about changing type and brand of treats continusly? Every time I go to the pet store for a new supply of treats I buy something new. I know for me it would suck having to eat the same treat without any variety.
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Well I believe it is offically not the greenies. He has not had any more since Wednesday night. His appitite is still low & he still had the runs. So it's off to the vet tomorrow morning. I'm afraid that this is giardia, or coccidia (SP?). Which I blieve Jordan had a few weeks ago. I'm going to talk to the doctor about putting all 4 on medicaion & then trying to figure out the best day to empty & sanatize the litter boxes. This is such a bad time of the year to have this problem. I'm super busy with school, but oh well. My babies need me to take care of them. Jordan is doing so well, I really hope he dosen't get whatever this is again. I would hate for my poor Bug to have another set back. Well I will find out tomorrow exactly what they think it might be.
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