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Natural Remedies for Aggression-experiences

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Hello all. Looking for experiences in using natural calming remedies for aggressive behavior. I'm going to be trying PetAlive Aggression formula as soon as it arrives; situation is:
Was adopted by my approximately 3 yo male cutie pie 5 weeks ago. Other furry persons in the house include a 2 yr old small dog and 18 yo female cat. He was treated for a mild URI which resolved within a few days upon arrival home. He was kept separate for 9 days, and even now, is only out of his room for certain periods of time under supervision to allow everyone to acclimate. Problem is unprovoked aggression. He randomly attacks me, biting and scratching me. Earlier this week just outright lunged at my bare legs, ears flattened back and all, for no reason. He has intimidated and scared the dog by chasing her, but my other kitty he just hisses at and runs. My arms look like I am in an ongoing war with a rose bush.
I am using the Feliway diffuser and spray with minimal results. I thought this could be overstimulation aggression, but he does this when he's not being petted, and even when I pet him, it's not for very long at all. I more or less let him approach me. I play with him so that he's entertained.
He is neutered, although I don't know at what age that was. He was adopted at my local humane society. This aggression seems unprovoked. He gets into spazzy type moods too. So I just wonder if he was mistreated by past people. When he attacks me, I gently grab him by the scruff and say no-he seems to somewhat back down, but still will do it to me the next time.
There is no way I can have my dog getting hurt, and other household folks either. I am scratched to oblivion as it is. I obviously can't have my guy attacking like this-it's dangerous. So I'm going to give the aggression remedy a whirl. No matter what, he's part of our family, so we want to do what we can to make this work. Would like to hear people's experiences with this product or similar.
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Well, the Aggression formula arrived yesterday, so I started my guy on it. I think it takes a few doses. I'm giving it to him 3 times a day as regular use.
Guess I'll see how it goes. Three days ago, I put some catnip on my hand, and he had a blast, all licking it, etc. But then when I went to pick him up to bring him back to his room, he attacked me and bit me very hard. No episodes since, and now the formula is started, so fingers crossed. This Aggression formula seems to be aimed at the difficulties we're having with him. I really hope it helps. We want everyone to be able to get along decently, and I want him to be able to have free rein of the house too and enjoy the company of everyone. He seems to want my company at times.
So again, anyone have any feedback about natural remedies like this? Thanks.
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I hope it works for you I have used Rescue Remedy and the flower essences but not for aggression, and they worked, so Good Luck!
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My natural remedy was Leya Enzo would attack me, bite me, scratch me, at the flip of a switch! I read on this site(), before I joined that young cats often need a playmate to help drain energy. It worked wonderfully!!! Mostly because Leya was younger and pestered him all the time! It was nice seeing him get beat up like he beat me up!
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Thanks Bella713: glad to hear that a similar type remedy has some effect. I think he's a tad less prone to lashing out. I started this now 2 days ago. His last full aggressive act toward me has now been 5 days ago. (fingers crossed that this holds) He made a slight motion like he was going bite or swat but didn't and let me pet him.
EnzoLeya: as for companions and playmates, he's got two if he wants them. Trouble is, he doesn't seem to. The dog loves my other kitty and sits near her, nudges her, and all, but is terrified of our new guy because he lunges at her in an intimidating fashion. He hisses at my other kitty too so they have had no chance to get acquainted-he wants no part of that yet. I do make sure to play with him using a wand with string attachment type themes to keep a clear delineation between my hand and the toys. He has a blast. He does seem to want my general company at times. The way I look at it is that if it takes upward of even a year for him to settle down and tolerate his two new furry siblings in his new house, (and not attack anyone, furry or human) then so be it, it will just have to take whatever time it takes. I hope for the best, one big family of pals, but hopefully toleration at least!!
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