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Meowmy's bes hooman fren Shannon has a human kitten named Ben. He's 20 yeers old. Yesfurrday nornin roun bout 1 A.M. he an his roommate wuz messin roun an bean silly. Ben got on the toolbox of his fren's truck. His fren thot it'd be funny to ride roun the parkin lot of ther partment buildin wif Ben sittin dere.

He took off and swereved all roun and Ben flew off an gor hurted reel bad.

Dey had to life star or somethin him to a medixal univeristy hospitul. He was on life support an the docters made him go in a come. Det gotted him out tho. He is on a venitlater, and he has his skull fractured in 2 places.

He in CRITICAL conidshun, and his fren in jail we tink.

Meowmy all upset so we not on a lots.

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Oh, S&H, we are so sorry to hear about your meowmy's friends son. My meowmy says sometimes those young boys don't think before they do stupid things. Meowy says to tell your meowmy we will add them to our prayers that he has a full recovery and that his friend doesn't get convicted because they were both just being stupid.
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We're sorry too for Meowmy Bobbie's friend. Hugs for everyone.
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he better! He out of coma and off the resperatur! An he tawkin sum! He haf a borken coller bone an a borke rib an his skull frachured in 2 places. But he not gonna die!
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That's great news!!!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
That's great news!!!
Yes it is, we will keep prayin for them both, and we sending hugs to meowmy Bobbie to help her feel better, well meowmy sends hugs and we all sends purrs and headbuts......luv jasper, tia and snow snow
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gess wut? mewomy tawked to ben yesfurrday! he all dopey but he gettin to come home tomorrow maybe! an his fren ok too...but they lernt a lesson, for sure.
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