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Repo Man (1984)

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So DH and I are doing a "cult films" movie theme for a while, so you may see me post about some off beat films.

Repo Man has only one redeeming factor. It has a giant space car. In the last 12 months I've watched two movies that have used this as a plot device, and both of them were so odd that having the movie end with it's main character/s getting into a giant space car and flying off at the end were it's only logical conclusion.

The first was a little musical based on the first book of The Bible called The Apple. Yes, dear reader I realize that you are know saying, "But, I don't remember a space car in the Garden of Eden!" Lets just say the writers took some liberties with that sacred story.

Back to Repo Man. Now how's this for a plot? Aliens are about to invade, so they decide to put their main weapon in the trunk of a Chevy Malibu, and the lose it. What's the next step? Right. Call in men to try to repo it. (I knew you were worried about how the title fit in!) When we were watching it, DH said, "Honey part of the problem is you aren't drinking. This movie was really funny when I was drinking."

Just remember if you decide to rent this. It's got a space car.

EDIT: Also, this film uses the music of Iggy Pop. Let's just say I couldn't have thought of a better choice.
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I thought that movie was hilarious! Maybe because I was also drinking a bit when I saw it.
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