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Dry Air/Low Humidty headache???

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I have had a dull headache for about 30 hours so far.

We heat our house mainly with firewood which is very drying. I have a large humidifier in the family room running 24/7. A smaller one in upstairs hallway but I don't run this one all the time (its on now). Neil doesn't like the noise at night!!

I woke up 2/27/08 at 2 am with dull pounding headache. Drank water.
Took aspirin about 7 am to no effect. Continuing with more liquids throughout the day. Took exedrin migrane about noonish-din't really help. Took a nap about 2:30-4 pm. Headache still there but not so bad. Was lightheaded/dizzy all day.

I've used my neti pot twice before going to bed and once already this am.
My sinus area on my face seems to hurt but no "discharge" from nose. My sinus's seem pretty clear.

Its sunny outside today so I will have to wear my sunglasses while driving as there is lots of glare (from the snow).

Any ideas on this? I'm thinking the low humidity is the cause?? Any other remedies to try??
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Do You have a wood furnace or a wood stove...If you have a stove try finding the largest teakettle that you can and keep it simmering on the back...However if it's a furnace then try some simmering potpourri on your a electric stove, pine or eucalyptus is nice...Anything to get more moisture into the air..

As far as meds go I would try some non-drowsy sinus meds they work for me when I have the same problems because I have electric heat...
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get more moisture into the air.. yep i agree.
i get bloodly nose all the time in the winter, and sinus issues in the winter.
since i put some stuff in the computer and bed room to throw some moisture it has gotten alot better for me.
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I think running the humidifer upstairs will help and I also have a tabletop one I can put in bedroom too. I did have one bloody nose last week.
Our "backup" heat is electric which doesn't help either.

We have a wood stovebut the big humidifer is about 15 feets away from it. I bet I add up to 2 gallons of water/day into it.

Its just so annoying and Neil isn't bothered by the dry air at all. Probably since he isn't in the house all day as I am!!
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Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm? My mother was having horrific headaches. She would get up in the middle of the night to take Imitrex, but it wasn't helping (she said she was eating Imitrex like candy.) My father was taking Vicodin for headaches too, but nothing was helping. They had a problem with their furnace fan...it wasn't turning on, so they called the furnace repair people. When the fan was being examined, the furnace repair guy found a 1/2 wide crack all the way through the heat exchanger in their furnace!!! They tested for carbon monoxide, but it didn't register. However, neither of my parents have had a headache since the heat exchanger was replaced. I really think they were being exposed to low level carbon monoxide. You might want to call your power company and get your house tested for CO, I think most power companies will do it for free. FWIW....I went out and purchased 2 CO monitors for them and 2 for myself the next day...better late than never!
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We don't have a furnance with electric heat. The doors into the house are opened quite a bit as I let Ox out into the garage several times/day.
I can pick up a carbon monoxide alarm today and check to see of Neil has headaches.
I do get these headaches to some extent every year.
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I get headaches every time the weather changes... it's REALLY annoying. The moisture thing might be causing it, or the change in the barometric pressure... Taking sudafed and advil usually helps me.
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