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Daughter off to Italy for summer

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My daughter has been managing a ski chalet in Meribel in the French alps for the winter, taking a career break from being a maths teacher. She is nursing a broken heart after being dumped by her fiance in September.

After much soul searching she has decided to accept an offer from her employers to go to Italy for the summer, to be part of the team managing the resorts around Lake Garda, a beautiful area. It will be a challenge, as although she is bilingual in French and fluent in Spanish, she doesn't speak a word of Italian! Then she thinks she will do another winter ski season before going back to teaching.

She is very happy, seems well on the road to recovery, and though I am anxious about her taking so much time out, I am really pleased that she is doing well. So maybe I will take a week in the Italian mountains this summer!
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It seems that she is doing quite well in her new career. She has had a fantastic opportunity given to her for the summer. Its good that she is taking advantage of it.
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She'll do fine Jenny. Italian is another of the romance languages and her knowledge of French and Spanish will serve her well. Our daughter speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian, with Italian being the last language she learned and she found it quite easy with her knowledge of the other 2 languages.

Your daughter is getting a marvelous education just being able to go to all these wonderful places. I hope she has a wonderful summer.
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I know your daughter has been through a lot, and I hope this amazing opportunity will help put her heartbreak farther into the past. Good luck to her!
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That's great, Jenny. I hope this is a wonderful experience for her.
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That sounds like it will be a great experience for her A perfect way to help mend that broken heart
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What a great opportunity for her! She will eventually go back to her math teaching job, but she's young and seems to have the inclination to do something different right now and it's important that she see it through. It's a great experience and something that she will carry with her through her life.
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Lake Garda is beautiful, and another new place with new faces may be just what she needs. I wish her the best of luck in her new venture!
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