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Is Tarka bulimic?

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I hope that you are all keeping well. Tell me, is it possible for a cat to be bulimic? Tarka gobbles up her food and then throws it up. About 90% of the time is it undigested. There is no fur or grass in the vomit. It doesn't seem to distress her but obviously it is a concern and it is a mess.

She eats a mixture of Royal Canin Siamese, Fit 32 and Hills Adult light food. She is free fed and has acces to plenty of fresh water.

Any ideas? Is it possibly an allergy?

Thanks guys
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Take her to the vet. It could be a blockage.
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Is Tarka Siamese/Oriental? It sounds to me as if she may be eating too fast as it's happening right after she eats, and those breeds are renowned for it, my Ori boys inhale their food. Try raising the food bowl by standing it on something, like a thick telephone directory, that can help. Or get something like a big stone, sterilise it by boiling, and put it in the food dish so she has to eat around it, that can slow them down - obviously make sure it's too big for her to get in her mouth.

If that doesn't help, if this is a recent behaviour change, or if there are any other symptoms then a vet visit may be in order. Siams/Oris can also be a bit prone to sensitive tummies, but I would expect that more to be soft stools and vomiting a while after eating, not right away.
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She is Burmese. I have another cat - a Siamese - who never does it.

I will try elevating the bowl, and will then try the other suggestions.

She has a vets appointment in three weeks time since she is flying to the UK soon to go into quarantine. She has done it for a while - we are selling our house though at the moment which might be making me more sensitive to messes/ stains on the carpet. (I sound like a terrible mother - I promise I am not)...
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I used to have a cat who did exactly what you describe, as a result of eating too fast. I had to "train" her to eat smaller amounts, by giving her very small, frequent meals. That stopped her from throwing up, and eventually I was able to put more in her dish at a time. She had learned to eat only a little at each meal, and no longer felt the need to gobble everything in the bowl.
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Sounds just like my Kitty.

Raising his bowl up has helped and also feeding smaller amounts more often. I can`t free feed him as he is overweight as it is.

He is very sensitive too so he has one brand and flavour of wet and one brand and flavour of dry with the occasional cooked chicken as a treat.

Also he seemed to do it a lot with his breakfast, maybe because of having an empty stomach so I leave him a small amount of dry food last thing at night so he`s not so empty.

He still vomits about once a week-fortnight but is so much better than before. He`s so greedy, he eats like a pig!
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I had an cat who would vomit after eating dry. The first vet she saw always wrote it off as eating to fast. When I switched vets they diagnossed her as having IBD and put her on metronidazole periodically and that would lessen her vomitting. Also she didn't vomit wet food nearly as much as the dry. It would be best to take your kitty to the vet to make sure nothing else is going on other than her eating to fast. A larger kibble or one for a sensitive stomachs may be worth a try or even canned food. Try meal feeding smaller portions at a time.
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Thanks guys, much appreciated. Have a great weekend!
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