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Funny Story: Cat vs. Strawberry

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I guess there are just some foods that cats just don't like. Last night I was eating some strawberries and Cruella and Wylie got a whiff of them and came over to check it out. You could tell they were not sure what it was, this is a food they haven't seen before. They sniffed, made that funny little face that they make when using the Jacobson's organ. Cruella finally walked away but Wylie decided since he wasn't sure what it was he would just attack it. You should have seen him raring back and slapping that strawberry and then looking at me like he was thinking, "Mommy, what is it and why won't it go away?" It was just so cute had to tell you all about it. Does anyone else's cat attack strange foods?
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Well, my boys generally don't mess w/ e when I'm eating. They are unlike any cats I have ever known anywhere in this regard.

But, at least for Socrates, the reason might be the day he just had to investigate the bowl of salsa I had sitting on the coffee table as I munched on chips and watched a movie.

He came up, desperately twitching his little nose at every chip I ate. I told him that he wouldn't like this, but you know the cliche'.

As I was scooping up more salsa onto a chip he stuck his nose down close to the chip as I was shoveling salsa onto it and, indavertadly, his nose touched salsa.

Well, you'd have thought he was getting medicine! He jumped back, sneezed, jumped to the couch, sneezed again. It was definantly an act of something he didn't like. Not to mention, this was the medium spicey salsa and not the mild. He looked at me with such an expression that it made me laugh. "I told you, you wouldn't like it" I responded. With that he shot out of the room at 100mph and I couldn't help but chuckle, because all I could hear in the next room was:


After a few minutes that quit and he came walking back out into "public" acting as if nothing had ever happened. But, he NEVER sticks his nose into my food anymore.
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I LOVE These two stories!!!

It reminds me of the day I was chopping onions at the counter and Mr. Curiosiy (MoMo That Monster Boy) has to be right upside anything I do. He jumped to the counter and put a paw right beside the pile of chopped onions. I am sure some of the juice was on his paw and he wiped it across his eyes, because he teared up and cried right along with me as I finished the other vegetables. I saw him again later in the morning and his eyes were still all fluid looking. It did clear up or I would have made him let me wash them out. . . . .
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