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Blanket Thief!!!

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It is a bit cold in my apartment tonight, so I have been using a colourful pink penguin blanket to keep me warm. I put the blanket on the floor and went to use the bathroom for a second, and when I returned, George was sitting on it, kneading it with his paws and having a great time. I said to him "Georgie, I'm pretty sure I got that blanket out for me, why are you stealing my blanket???"

This was the look I received in return.......

I guess he was trying to say that the blanket is now his and I had better go find myself another one!!!
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yep, looks like george has that blanket now.
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Maybe he's just keeping it warm for you
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I am appalled that you would have even thought that the blanket should not be for him only. Let me guess, you let him keep it...right?
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Yes, you can read a lot in those eyes!
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lol - He's looking at you like "What?"
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Bless him! He was keeping it warm and cosy for you!

So sweet!
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He is sooooo adorable. I love orange kitty boys! That little face is just perfect. I would love to cuddle with him on his cute pink blanket. Give him a good tummy rub for me.(if he allows tummy rubs, that is)
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yep, he's thinking "mine, mine, mine" hehe!
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Yes, I did end up going to get a new blanket for myself! He has me well trained! And I will give him a big belly rub for you krazy kat2, he loves them! He's been talking to me here ever since I got home tonight and is currently sitting on my lap "helping me type".
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Cute kitty, what a picture. He wins the blanket, hands down.
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sounds about right...
that look on his face is priceless.
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All blankets belong to the household cat(s)! We always laugh at Jamie, because he comes and complains to me when his Daddy is using one of his blankets.
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First night Butzie claimed the folded afghan at the foot of our bed as her bed. One look from her and I got out another afghan.
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That is an adorable picture!
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Awww, just look at that sweet face!! He's like "What, I didn't do anything wrong!"
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
Yes, you can read a lot in those eyes!
Yup. Move your feet loose your seat mommy.

I wish I could get my kitties to lay on my blankies. They prefer clean clothes.
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