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Flowers EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I just got back from one of the wholesale places and garden ridge- omg i have flowers EVERYWHERE!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! I have no idea where to put them but i have a ton of them I went ahead and got all of the silks i would need for the wedding reception. My awesome friend is doing all of the fresh flowers for the ceremony since he has his own shop and a cooler for them and i'm doing the reception flowers (i'm a lisenced florist- just not currently working out of a shop and have no cooler for fresh). (we both went to the same design school- just a few yrs apart- he's got a few yrs designing on me and he's incredable!) I just got the most amazing silks too!!! Ya!!!! I can't wait to start putting them together when i get some time. I'm saving myself a ton of money that way too

I'll be sure to get tons of pictures when i start putting them together
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Yay, can't wait for picks.
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that would be kind and lovely!....
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Oh I love flowers!!!
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Nikki!! I can't wait to see them!!
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I hope you'll show us your creations!

We did ALL silks for our wedding and it was great. We did the reception pieces ourselves and had someone do the wedding pieces. You couldn't tell unless you are looking that my boquet was silk and I love that I get to keep it forever.
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