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I'm REALLY worried!!

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I cannot find kitty ANYWHERE. I have turned the house upside down and she is nowhere to be found. She's gone missing before and after I searched everywhere and became convinced she had vanished into thin air.... she'd just come sauntering into the room like nothing.

But this time is different---she usually eats every few hours and she has not come out of hiding to eat, drink or poop. I last saw her at about noon today ...and figued she's been just sleeping somewhere...but it is 7:30 at night now. COuld she be off having her kittens somewhere...but they are not due for a few weeks (we think). Where could she be?? I am starting to panic.
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my mama cats have done that before. i looked everywhere too but i guess i didnt look good enough. if they want to hide they will. make sure she didnt get out. just calm down a little and then maybe look again. some cats will hide when they have their kittens. dont panic im sure shes around and will come out soon.
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A couple of places we've found our cats when they were hiding:

Up under a mattress. Most of them have just a piece of cloth stretched across the bottom - kitties can pull down a corner and get up in the corners or in the springs.

Up under a recliner. There's lots of room inside of the base of those things.

Under a couch. Could be the same situation there if there's just a cloth pulled over the bottom.

You're sure she didn't get into a closet somewhere? They can be awfully hard to see if they're in a corner and there's stuff on the floor.

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Please let us know when you find her!! Good
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Still no sign of her. I keeping thinking she's going to just walk into the room, but then another hour goes by. I know something is wrong. She has all sorts of hiding places-some even in plain view. I searched and called her for hours the other day only to find her on the dining room chair (obscured by the table). But she has never been missing this long. Plus she loves to hang around the family to get held and petted. ANd she has never missed a meal.

Thanks for the idea to look in the box springs. I'm going to do another top to bottom search in a few. The biggest reason I'm worried is that she isn't full term I hope she's not in labor somewhere. But why else would she be hiding??

Thanks for all the positive vibes and hiding place ideas. They do help.
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Is there any possibility shes in the ceiling? I've had several cats discover that as a hiding place.
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When we got rupy she was about 6 month old and she just disappeared. I looked in every single corner of my house, I was sick... After about 2 days of her missing I was standing in my closet and I heard her meowing, somehow she had gotten into the crawlspace of my house and she was stuck in there. It is STILL a mystery to this day how she got in there, it was a brandnew house with no holes or anything, crazy! So cats can get into strange and unthinkable places, try to get your house quiet and just listen.... Maybe she is stuck and crying for you! Good luck!
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I've had cats do disappearing acts before and I was all upset thinking I would never see it again. I hope she turns up soon.
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Thanks for all the ideas but I still cant find her anywhere. I'm thinking she must have gotten outside somehow, but I can't find her in the yard either (where she lived as a stray before we took her in).

My kids swear they didn't let her out, but the weather has been really warm and sunny and they may have left the back sliding door open when they were playing outside. My husband also thinks he may have left the door open while bringing some things in from his car. The weird thing is, she never wants to go outside anymore. She'll go out on the back porch, smell some things, then turn around and come back in. Also I left food outside last night and it hasn't been touched. I'm now worried that if she DID get out, maybe she found her way back to her real home.

I just printed up flyers and I'm going to go plaster the neighborhood.
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I hope you find her soon!
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I'm keeping a good thought for you that kitty will be found safe very soon.
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She might have gone home if she has one. I lost a kitty for three months one time. I was sure something terrible happened to him and then he turned up again 3 months later. He was kind of matted, but seemed to be well cared for. I think someone had kept him for awhile and when he got out he came back home. I was happy to have him back, but I still wonder who he was with all that time.
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And she's STILL PREGNANT!! I have NO CLUE where she's been for the past 24 hrs, but I just got back from canvasing the neighborhood (again!) and came inside to find her eating at her bowl!! She looks perfectly fine and is acting totally normal....kind of like "hey what's the big deal??".
I don't even know if she was inside or outside because I didn't walk my dog this morning (since I was out looking for the cat) so I left the back door ajar so he could go out. SO either she came out of her hiding place inside the house....or she somehow got out, then just came back in thru the opened back door. I can't figure it out but we now have a new name for her:


It suits her and I'm thinking we need to get a GPS tracking device for her. Where WAS she?????

Thanks to everyone for all your good wishes and support!!! (you can't imagine all the horrible thoughts that were running thru my mind)
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I'm glad to hear that she's back!!!
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I'm so glad shes back!

I can only imagine how you felt.
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Yay! I'm so relieved. IMO she was in the house the whole time, LOL.
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If she was in the house, I don't know where she was hiding or what she was eating/drinking!! I literally tore the whole house apart last night (I was convinced she was delivering premature kittens somewhere). I checked all the box springs, inside a pull out couch, all the cabinets, drawers, closets, appliances, toyboxes under and inside all the furniture. And we have a new house so there aren't any loose boards or anything.

I also walked around in the middle of the night (when she is usually active) and listened and called out for her. Total silence. Nothing.

But I did discover what a great bunch of animal-loving neighbors I have. People were so great and willing to help . They were all willing to check inside their cars and garages (thinking that maybe she slipped in somewhere and got stuck). And I also learned that Houdini has been a neighborhood stray for some time. A couple neighbors used to leave milk or food out for her (before we took her in).

I am almost hoping she got outside and doesn't have some secret nest inside the house where she might deliver.

But thanks again to all you lovely cat worshipers. I swear you're the only ones who understood my anxiety
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Yay!! I guess she doesn't have another home. I'm glad she is truly yours, cuz you like her so much and have done so much for her. I hope she doesn't have some secret hideaway in the house.
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Originally Posted by Rotobay View Post
And she's STILL PREGNANT!! she knows a place where she can hide and have her kittens!
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i'm so glad she came back -with the kits still inside, too! & i also think Houdini is the perfect name for her
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I'm so glad she came back and didn't have the kittens yet. I agree, Houdini is the perfect name for her.
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I know....Harriet Houdini, LOL!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
I know....Harriet Houdini, LOL!
I LOVE IT!!! I'm calling the vet first thing in the am to have her name changed in the computer
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Im glad she's back!! Now you have to figure out where she hid for so long so that you can get it blocked off! Wouldn't want the kittens where you couldn't get to them!!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Im glad she's back!! Now you have to figure out where she hid for so long so that you can get it blocked off! Wouldn't want the kittens where you couldn't get to them!!
That's my big fear!! My husband is sure she got outside since we did such a thorough house search, but I don't know. I did put a little bell on her collar that clinks when she moves and I *may* start confining her to her bedroom when her due date comes close. I definitely DO NOT want her giving birth in some secret lair where we can't help her if she needs it.
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