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Cat Acne?

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So my cat has these black things on his chin and we took him to the vet to get checked out. The vet said it is 'cat acne' and is likely a response to a food bowl allergy. Well we replaced all the bowls so the main 'infection' is gone but how do we continue to treat the can acne or the 'blackheads' ??

Has anyone ever seen this before?
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Did you change to ceramic bowls? Plastic can continue the problem. Otherwise, if it's not infected, I'd just leave it alone.
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Ya, we changed to all stainless steel bowls last week per the request of the vet.
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my cats have all had it at some point. Just keep their bowls clean clean clean and eventually it'll go away on it's own.

I have a drinkwell fountain for them and ceramic bowls for feeding. They never eat out of the same bowl twice without a washing. Seemed to do the trick.
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we also had this issue...switched to ceramic instead of plastic and the problem resolved itself. I've also heard it's more common on light colored cats, but I wonder if thats just because it's easier to see. Anyway, it should resolve itself after a little time, at least it did here.
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Yeah, my former roommate's cat developed a terrible bout of acne after eating from some bowl. It got very infected and bloody. It also smelled badly. It cleared up quickly after receiving medical attention.
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