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Personal Greetings

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Last night as I was just getting to sleep, I felt Quill hop on my bed and walk towards my pillow. What was funny was that he knew I was asleep, so he stared at me for awhile and when I opened my eyes he said "mrp mrp!" (it sounds exactly like someone saying a friendly hello) and went to his little corner to sleep. He does this sound only to me, it's his special greeting. I've never heard it said to my parents. He will meow and chirp to them, but his mrpmrp is our secret handshake. It's so sweet. Sometimes he'll be sitting on the nightstand in the morning and wakes me up by his mrp mrp and start purring the moment I wake up. Do your kitties have very exclusive greetings to you, and you only? What do they say?
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they greet me. that's more than they do for anyone else.

They also do tricks for me. but only for me... they won't do them for anyone else unless I'm right there coaxing them into it.
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Butzie comes when I call her but doesn't come to anyone else.
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Nope. They ignore everyone equally.

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heyu yells at me every moring when i get home from work.. and i mean yeow!!!! for about 3 min. Even giving her food wont stop it hehe.

i guess she is chewing me out for being gone for 12 hours.
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Tigger waits for me at the door and totally yells at me until I feed her. I'm the only one who gets that treatment.

I don't think Smudge has ever talked to anyone but me. And that's not often - he's very Ragdoll-like in that respect.
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Faith and Brazil pretty much stick to me like glue...they give my hubby the cold shoulder almost all the time...Especially Faith...they aren't really talkers though, even though Brazil will occasionally mwerpp at me when she comes to greet me.

The funnest part is when they will be sleeping with us; if they happen to be sleeping between us, and my hubby moves, they literally jump onto my back or belly like a hot coal touched them...not sure if they are afraid of him rolling on top of them or if they truly disdain him, but they move away if he so much as moves his arm!
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