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science diet z/d for 6-month old?

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Our vet is recommending science diet z/d for Pix, since she still has occasional constipation and blood in her stool. The vet thinks she either has colitis or IBD. (But no real way except for biopsy to determine this, right?)

The ingredients scare me, but I've read some okay things about it on this forum. But I'm wondering if 6-months isn't too young to for this type of Rx diet?

I was almost ready to switch my babies to something grain free, but not as protien rich as Evo (which I talked about in my last thread); but now the vet is saying I shouldn't.

Does anybody have any experience with z/d for younger kitties, and how long should you keep them on it?

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I would get a second opnion.... what food is the kitty eating currently??
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She's on a mix of 50-50 Evo and Science Diet i/d. I tried both my cats (both 6-month old sisters) on Evo, but at 100%, they had terrible diarrhea for 2 weeks. So I slowly switched them back to i/d; and once I got to 50-50 (about two weeks ago), they were both doing fine, but Pix still had occassional blood, so that's why we went back to the vet.

I have to double check, but I think the vet is suggesting I feed one cat i/d and the other cat z/d. But ideally, I'd like to be able to feed them the same food, that they both can do well on.
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My two were on Hill's Z/D for about 2 months starting when they were 5 months old. One of my kitties had some major stool issues...really loose for months. The Z/D was the last resort after our vet ruled anything medically wrong with him out. The Z/D did not really improve the situation either but it kept him semi stable...losse but formed.

They both did well on it otherwise, but I agree I'm not crazy about the ingredients either but if it will help then it's worth it.

I'm happy that his stool issues have been very good for the last month. They have been on Calfornia Natural Chicken & rice dry & Merricks wet along with a dash of Eagle Pack Holistic solutions. Keeping fingers crossed!

Good luck with your Kittie!!
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EVO is one of the richest foods out today ... I would suggest talking with your vet ( have ingrediant lists and % s with via internet copys ) ... senisible choice , natural choice and california natural ... all are basic foods with limited ingrediants that IMHO are suitable for kittens
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Thanks for the replies.

Siamesedreams, what tests were done to rule out anything medically? I ask because it seems strange to put a kitten on Z/D without first doing allergy tests, or even testing for IBD. It seems this is just a guess by our vet. My one kitten has had stool issues for three months, so I do want to figure out the best way to treat this, presumably with diet. But part of me thinks that you should know for a fact a cat has allergies before the cat is fed a low-allergy food. But then again, maybe I am wrong.

And it seems like this is just a temporary food? If that's the case, I may be okay with it, knowing that there's a possibility on the other end to go to a better food.
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low allergen feeding is easier on you , the cat and your wallet than traditional testing.... Z/D is ment to be fed no more than 12 weeks thou few vets read that paper
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OK, thanks. I feel a little better.
If the z/d is only supposed to be fed for 12 weeks, how do you/the vet determine what to feed after that?
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well from my experience with my dog .. ... I went to a one meat one grain food
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In addition to the three foods you mentioned above, do you think Nature's Variety Raw Instict would be good for sensitive stomach due to IBD, Colitis, or allergies?

As you suggested, I'd like to take in a list of foods to my vet and show her the ingredients.

Pix has been great the last two weeks, so part of me would rather avoid the Z/D.
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[quote=typix;2195469]Thanks for the replies.

Siamesedreams, what tests were done to rule out anything medically? I ask because it seems strange to put a kitten on Z/D without first doing allergy tests, or even testing for IBD. It seems this is just a guess by our vet.

Our vet never tested for an IBD, at least not as far as I was aware of. She did 3 or so stool samples, she did cultures on the stool. I can't tell you how many times the poor little guy had a thermometer up his butt. She could not find anything medically wrong at that point. Also she couldn't see and reason to keep testing at that point. She wanted to try a less complicated diet and give him time for his little system to adapt. Poor little man was at the vet twice a month (minimum) from September to January.

His stool issues also started as we began to experiment with better quality food which might have been too rich for his system. We tried stuff like Orijen and the grain free Wellness. I really feel responsible in many ways for his problem. I was learning soooo much about food on this site and was so excited about giving them good food.

She also gave him medication for giarda and other stuff just to be on the safe side but every test said he was negative for any of the usual suspects. Between his stool issues, his sterile cystitis (that's another story) and the neutering & spaying for these two...we've spent $2,500. at least on vet bills. Worth every penny...but I just hate the discomfort he goes through at the vet. Off topic...sorry!!

Again, the Z/D didn't hurt them, but I feel so much better that he is now able to handle good quality food.
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Thanks for replying. That sounds very similar to what is happening with my girls. They were put on I/D because one of them had gas and a bit of diarrhea. After two weeks of I/D, the other one developed bad constipation and blood in her stool. I decided to put them on a grain free, so I put them on EVO, and of course, they both got really bad diarrhea. I started switching back and that's when I noticed blood again in Pix's stool.

So, now the vet wants them on Z/D, so I am hoping and praying that this food will be good for them, and not cause them any long term problems. They are only 6 months old. I really hope that they don't have to be on it long, so that I can switch them over to a premium food.
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Its certainly worth a try. I've also seen colitis kitties that did well on high fiber diets, like w/d. The ingredients will make you cringe even more than z/d, but my cats look AWESOME on it, and Satin now lives up to his name (solid black and satin soft), and no more leaving butt-marks on my carpet!
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I am going through the same thing with my 8 month old kitty/teenager. I have z/d diet for her also. At this time I am going to follow vets instructions since she has done a 100% turn around. I discussed other options for her with the vet, but he really wants her on z/d for a month. Maybe I can gradually work in a better food for her at a later time.
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Thinking back, our kitties were on the Z/D for 3 months. They continued to grow and blossom, soft & shiny coats, and they really liked the food itself..........the only issue was that Nimitz still had loose stool. I think it helped calm his system after the experiment with the higher protein food and helped prepare him for the switch to the California Natural. I think the Eagle pack has helped alot as well.

The one thing I learned is to be patient when trying new things for them. Give them time for their systems to adapt to the new foods before deciding if it's helping them or not.

Good luck!
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