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An eye for an eye?

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I was almost sick when I read this in the morning paper.

It makes me want to find a Huge Washing Machine and put the Human who did this in it. If they do lay charges again the person who did this the sentance should most definately IMO include working with abused animals. Poor Kitty
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What a sad story. I hope they get a judge that throws the book at them and doesn't let them off lightly.
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I'm so sorry for Ms. Gough, her roommate, and for Thor. Seeing his picture and reading that story made me cry outright.
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I just read the title and thought an eye for eye makes the whole world blind...yeah? A brillant man said this...
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oh gawd...

I knew I shouldn't have read that.
almost too much to handle, I feel sickened with sadness.

I can't even say what I think should happen to the people responsible, it's reprehensible.
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poor baby thor...and poor mrs. gough
such a sad sickening story...
i hope and pray they get the people responsible!
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That is totally unexcusable and revolting! I always think that whatever someone does to an animal should be done to them. Poor Thor!
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How disgusting. I can't imagine the terror the poor baby must have felt.

Sleep softly sweet Thor, no one can hurt you now....

My deepest condolences go out to Thor's mom...
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I KNEW I should not of read that!

What a bunch of sick, twisted individuals!!!

May Thor RIP
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I cannot read it just before bed but I get the gist. Some people should not be labled as human. I just will never understand. Play happily over the bridge, little one.
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I hope that the public outcry will ensure that the perpetrators will be held to answer for their crime!!! Or that their "karma", or "juju" or whatever one wants to call it, gets them before they can commit more atrocities
Play happily over RB, Thor - the image of you, in your innocence trusting those vile people, coming close enough to the guests to get caught, makes my soul scream for justice for you....and how could other people in the household let it happen ----I would be jailed before they'd get away with doing that....
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