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the cream colored one is a little girl for sure. the grey one is a boy. the other 2 im not sure. suzy wont let me hold them long enough to check. she yells at me when i take the babys out.
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Ohhhhhhh, they are beautiful
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well they're all beautiful!! What part of south dakota?? Im in watertown!
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im about 40 miles from rapid city and 20 miles from wall
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So probably like 7 or so hours from me!! Its nice to see a fellow South Dakotan on the boards!
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its about 5 hours from here. i never been to watertown. once we moved to this side of the state we pretty much stayed around here lol.
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I go to your side every summer! I went through pierre last year which is why it took so long! I love my little town! And Ive decided never to camp out in rapid over the 4th of july! IT TOO COLD!! Nighttime I froze my butt off! Then the butt crack of dawn you wake up sweating you butt off!!
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it gets pretty cold here at night and then hot again all day. have you ever been to sturgis for the rally? we go when they have some good bands playing with they didnt last year and doesnt look like anything good this year either.
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I went to sturgis once! In 2001! I wasn't even old enough to drink yet! My DH gets to go more than I do... In fact, thats where he was when I gave birth to Joseph!!
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figures. he had all the fun and you well you had the pain.
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