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Why does Smudge keep..

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going for a toilet in the bath? She was fine using her litter tray when we first got her, and last night I had 2 friends over and she had pooped in the bath (I thought maybe she was scared of them) but she has just pooped in the bath again!! I used to keep the toilet door shut but recently ive kept it open. I dont wanna shut it now incase she finds another place to poop (Id rather her poop in the bath than on the carpet!) Im confused!

Can anyone help/advise me? xx
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Have you changed anything about her litter/litterbox location or anything lately?
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We have changed litter, to the litter that was used whilst she was in the rescue centre. We changed it on friday, and she had been using it since then. Its just strange how comes shes not using it anymore (She uses it for urinating but thats all!)
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How old is she?
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shes two years old
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If she is going outside of the box, that *usually* means something wrong.

Take her to the vet check for an exam. Specifically test her urine for a UTI. While UTIs more commonly mean peeing outside the box, Bea has crystals in her urine & was pooping outisde the box.
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Will it be ok until saturday to take her to the vets? Only I cant get time off work, and wont be able to get to the vets until then! I hope shes gonna be alright! She seems ok in herself. Still very playfull and stuff!

I was just reading on the net, could it be because I havent changed her litter since Saturday? The instructions on the pack say change it once a week but scoop out any clumps which I have been doing but there were still a few clumps in the bottom (I have now changed it all together!)
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Cats hide pain very well. And things can become serious very quickly. I'd take her ASAP.
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