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Painful defecation? (long post)

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Yesterday I noticed my cat had thrown up (typical about once a month or longer) and as I was cleaning it up she went over to the corner of the bathroom and started squating to poop. I tried to grab her and she just started making the most awful squeaking noises so I let her finish. After that everything seemed normal and she went back to eating and then resting.

This morning she goes to the litter box, urinates and then starts walking around again checking out corners. As soon as she started to squat I picked her up and put her in the litter box. She was whining when I did but eventually gave in and pooped in the box. The poo was normal. She came out and I praised her and a few minutes later she started walking around the bathroom again checking out corners to squat. I started to approach her and this time she hissed, so I wasn't about to force her to go back to the litter box. She squated and then got up and a few seconds later poop fell out. She then went to her food bowl and laid down.

I stepped out to go let my labrador in and when I got back noticed she was back in the box. I immediately put my dog out of the room and when I came back she was throwing up again just outside her litter box. After she was done I noticed that she had pooped again in the box one last time. Again it looked totally normal. After she threw up it was like nothing had ever happened. She jumped back up to her food bowl and started eating like she was starving!

Okay so about a week ago I added "Missing Link" to her food which is basically an omega supplement. She's been picky about eating it but since I'm only giving half of the recommended dose, she eventually gave in and has been eating it okay. I'm stopping the supplement asap to make sure it has nothing to do with the situation over the last two days, although if anything it's supposed to help their digestion, not make it worse.

My cat had a check-up a week ago and everything looked normal, even all of her blood work. Does anyone know what might be going on or had anything happen similar with their cat? If she still does this over the next day or two I will definitely take her back to the vet, but I'm hoping things will get back to normal now that I've stopped the supplement. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated!

BTW, she is eating Science Diet S/D b/c she has FLUTD and it is the only food we found that works to maintain her urinary health. I've tried adding wet foods but she looks like she's going to vomit anytime she smells one. Her expression is priceless!

Thanks in advance!
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i would be taking her back to the vet
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Go back to the vet... FYI when an animal or human is on a RX like yours always ask the vet prior to supplementing on your own... missing link is a very complex supplement
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Sounds like what happens to Coco. Coco is on C/D and she sometimes barfs too. Is your Cat Constipated? How old is your Cat? The Vet told me to get hairball stuff and see if that works.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Sounds like what happens to Coco. Coco is on C/D and she sometimes barfs too. Is your Cat Constipated? How old is your Cat? The Vet told me to get hairball stuff and see if that works.
My kitty is 10. After doing a bit of research on my own, it appears that the problem is most likely constipation. At least that's the most common cause for pain/straining when they defecate. The strange thing is that the Missing Link has bran as the second ingredient which is what is recommended for constipation. Regardless, I'm going to keep her on her normal food without the supplement and watch her closely for a few days to make sure she stops straining. If things don't improve quickly I will definitely take her into the vet. I just don't want her to get scoped and all that if it's only because of the new addition to her food. She does get hairballs now and then so I'll look into getting her some hairball remedy in case that's part of the problem.

As far as the missing link goes, it was recommended to me by a breeder and I read through all of the ingredients first and didn't see anything that could be harmful in combination with her S/D food. I think her body just reacted to the food "adjustment". Perhaps her body is just cleaning itself after being introduced to the bran and it's just a passing phase with it, but I will still hold off on using it again.

mews2much - I assume your kitty had constipation on the C/D? Did the hairball stuff work and which one do you use?
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I also just saw this comment posted on the Missing Link supplement instructions:

Feeding Instructions: Add the Missing Link to your cat's regular food according to its weight. Because of the high fiber content, start with small amounts and gradually increase to the recommended use level over the course of a week or two.

I think I have found the problem. Even though I started her off with 1/2 the recommended daily dosage, it sounds like I needed to go even slower. I'm still backing her off completely for now and as long as these symptoms completely go away, will probably start her back up at much smaller increments. I will also confirm with my vet that this supplement is fine given her FLUTD condition and current diet.

Thanks again everyone and if you think of anything else I may need to know please share!
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Was it at your vet's suggestion that you start the Missing Links?

One should always consult their trusted vet before adding any supplements to their cat's diets. It sounds as though you have found the source of your kitty's problem. Hope she feels better soon.
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Coco has not had the hairball Meds yet. I do not what one to buy. She is still is on the C/D. She was on S/D before that though because she had Struvite Stones. She has been on C/D since Oct 2006. I think that stuff you gave your Cat is causing the Constipation. You should always talk to the Vet before starting anything. People here sugested Pumokin for Cocos Constaipation but my Vet said no because her bladder problems.
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Well, I had to go out of town this weekend and when I got back Aussie had only pooped once and peed twice in the box. Then I found out that she peed on the rug by the shower so I immediately called the vet and then took her in for a urinalysis. It turns out that none of this is likely related to the supplement (which the vet recommends btw) but she has probably developed a UTI. She has FLUTD so it isn't completely out of the ordinary but when I saw her straining to poop I just assumed it was probably constipation.

The vet took a urine sample last nigth and I'm sitting here waiting for the results. I'm hoping it will be a simple anitbiotic fix and she'll be back to her normal self soon and nothing serious. I was shocked when the vet told me she took a urine sample by putting a needle into her bladder. I don't know if she's just to fat to get it the other way or what. I noticed last night before we went to bed that she got in the litter box and squatted for about 45 seconds. As soon as she was done I ran over to see what she was able to pass and found nothing. I had a hard time sleeping because I was so worried that she had a blockage or something but when I got up this morning she had peed in the box. Unfortunately she's still not pooping normally so the vet may go ahead and give her something for the constipation as well. Poor baby. Anyway, fingers crossed that the urinalysis shows something easily resolved.
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