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How much time....

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Thread Starter you spend on the computer? Sometimes I am on here way too long!! I could be on the computer for hours and not even realize it! So sad! Yes, I am addicted! There is so much other stuff I should be doing around the house but it is so easy to get caught up on here! Especially since I have a laptop so I am laying on the couch all cozy under a blanket, with Sox laying in my lap sleeping, writing to all of you! What more could you want?!
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WAY too much! I'm home all the time, so I get a lot of cleaning done but I take a lot of breaks to check TCS. In the evenings I'm on the computer just about the entire evening.
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Way too long! I can easily spend three or four hours every evening surfing. I'm about to spend even more time online, because I just got a pocket PC with an internet flatrate, so I'll be using that while commuting to and from work.
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Usually about 1/2 in the morning before work and then a couple of hours in the evening unless there is something good on TV.
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Does playing Mah Jong count as "computer time"?

I'm pretty hyper so I have to make myself sit down and rest throughout the day. The computer is a good reward for slowing down and taking a break. I don't worry about the amount of time I spend as long as I get my work done!
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My job requires me to work at the computer nearly 8 hours each day. I rarely spend time online at home anymore, because of that.
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Sometimes way to long, especially when I play the video game Luxor. I am addicted to that game
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Way too much! I got my first computer when I was working and soon after that got addicted to MSN Chat rooms, and then later gave up the chat rooms in favour of a computer game which consumed dozens and dozens of hours per week of my time. Then I left the computer game and got into graphics and while I spent lots of time doing that, it wasn't nearly as much as when I played the computer game. I've been off work now since July 2004 and I spend most of my awake time when I'm home, in front of the computer. Sometimes I'm just surfing the net, other times I'm on a discussion forum, and of course my computer graphics. It's basically my "social" activity these days.
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Way too long too! I'll either be on here or my other animal forums or reading fanfics...and before I know it half the day is gone
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More time than I would like to admit to. It goes in spurts. Some days I am on for a long time and others I am amazed to get 10 mins on it. TCS sure has not helped with being on the computer way to much.
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13 hours a day.,
11 hours at work, and 2 at home
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
WAY too much! I'm home all the time, so I get a lot of cleaning done but I take a lot of breaks to check TCS. In the evenings I'm on the computer just about the entire evening.

am always on mine!
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I work from home and conduct research for a living - so I spend most of my time on the computer! Just some days I spend way too much time on TCS when I should be doing other things.

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I'm on the computer MANY hours a day reading fanfiction. Fanfiction are stories that people write about the characters from their favorite television shows.
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A lot. I work mostly on my computer and use it for surfing and other entertainmet also.
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