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My Sweet Pepper

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I had to put my kitty Pepper(oni) down Monday morning.
He had stopped eating & would/could only drink if I held it there for him. He was yowling off & on the last 36 hrs & had hidden in my closet, like they do when they're dying. He needed help crossing the bridge - I really didn't think he would make it thru the last night, but I heard him at 4AM, so I got up. I took him into the other bedroom because I was afraid he'd wake my husband Jon up. I went out to make a cup of coffee after a couple of hrs & when I went back in, he had gotten down off the bed. Poor old guy had peed all over it. I felt so bad. I took him to his box the day before & he peed, but I didn't know that's what he was telling me he needed that morning. Jon has buried him in the back yard & made a really nice white cross, which he pushed me to paint with Pepper's name. They gave me a cardboard "coffin" at the vet & the girl who works there is so sweet. When she put him in it, she kissed him on top of the head. She had told me his yowling was because he was going thru something that kinda scared & agitated him. I let my other kitty Kenickie smell him when I got home & now he's hiding under the bed. All I've done is cry for 2 days. 14 1/2 yrs is a long life for a cat, but it's hard to be without my constand companion & such a devoted love. My other kitty Kenickie has always been so very nervous & skittish. But the day Pep died, he came & sat on my lap for the first time ever. Thanks for listening.
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Aww sooo sorry to hear about your precious Pepper, may he rest in peace
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Pepper.
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RIP at Rainbow Bridge Sweet Pepper!
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace, Pepper
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I'm so sorry for your loss.. RIP Pepper
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So sorry to read of your lose.
That`s so sweet that your other cat came to sit with you and the kiss from the nurse

Rest in Peace Pepper and keep a watch over your mum
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so sorry about your loss.
RIP Pepper
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I'm so sorry Take comfort in the fact that Pepper isn't suffering anymore and that he's safe and well again at the bridge

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So sorry for your loss Pepper is an angel now looking over you.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. May the good memories you have of Pepper help to ease your grief.
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you were so lucky to have shared all that time together. what a happy and loved kitty he was.

RIP pepper.
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RIP Pepper

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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