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Omg!! Omg!! Omg!! Omg!! Omg!! Omg!!!!!!

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So my oldest brothers GF/Fiancee is Preggers!!!!!!!

We've been waiting for this day forever!! We all love Jessa ((my brothers GF)) to death and they are so right for each other!! they did get Pregnant about a yr ago but Jessa Miscarried before they told anyone.. but now that there ready to tell everyone I guess its for sure!!!!
Gosh its sooo exiting!! I wasnt this exited when my Older Sister said she was Preggo again ((I was actually more disappointed when she told me)).. Oh and thats another thing!!! depending on how far along Jessa is.. my Older Sis and her are only a couple weeks apart!!
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Congratulations to the family, that is wonderful I pray everything goes well
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Congratulations to both of them. I hope that everything goes well
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Many Congratulations to them! Thats so exciting!
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Hehehe you definitely sound like one proud Aunty over there, hun!! Congrats to the family!
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Ooh, congrats! Many vibes for this one to be a healthy baby!
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How exciting! I can remember how excited I was when my sister had her babies! I LOVE being an auntie! It is so much fun!!!
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Very exciting!!

I am waiting for my brother and his wife to have their first baby!! (girl due in March)....I am SUPER excited!!
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How terrific!
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Thanx Guys

I already have 2 Nephews and one Niece... but ive been waiting for this baby forever!!

So I guess my brother doesnt know about my sister being Preggo too... ((she doesnt want to tell him yet))... she picked the worse time to get preggers so shes afraid to tell people right now.
I also just found out my brother adopted his first kitten a couple weeks ago! and he has no clue what to do but were helping him out as much as possible
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CONGRATS on the great family news. I hope all will turn out right with this baby. you will have to keep us updated on the progress of the baby and when it is born. It is SO rewarding being an aunt. I LOVE my 2 nieces to bits.
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congratulation's to them!
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