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Update on Beau!

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I just wanted to post an update on Beau (http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=12935). He is finally clear of ringworm - 7 weeks and counting! I had one daughter who had one spot on her leg because she would sneak in and sit with him on her lap - but other than that ...

We decided to use a different method to treat him because the shampoo was not clearing up the persistant patches he had. We used oil of oregano. It has antifungal properties. We gave him one drop twice a day in some wet food (it has a burning peppery taste alone) and rubbed some of the oil on each patch 3 times a day. It worked for us. (Of course now if he smells oregano he is in hiding for awhile!)

Beau is happy to finally be able to roam the entire house and be a general pain in the hinney - I guess he is trying to make up for lost time!

He just received his final set of shots and microchip plus he tested negative for FELV!!!!!! Next week he will be neutered.

Anyway I just thought I would post an update - Thank you for all of your advice!!! I am going to attach a picture now that the hair on his face has grown back in - isn't he handsome?!?!?
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He's ADORABLE!!! Black and white cats are so classy looking!
I am glad he's 100% now and able to enjoy his family
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He looks like the epitome of kittyness!
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What a stunning little guy!
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Aww what a cutie!
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He is so cute and beautiful!
I read that grapefruit seed extract can be helpful with ringworm too. I diluted it in water and wiped down our 2nd cat when we brought him home in case he was a carrier. I did it for over a week.
I'm glad you found an alternative that worked. It's much better for them than using a fungicide chemical. Keep up the good work!
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