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Mike and I just saw the most amazing sight

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As we were coming back from dinner, I noticed a white ball of something moving up the hillside near our home. I thought it might be a cat, so I asked him to stop, and I got out and holy cow it was an albino porcupine! It was so cute, it started sitting up on its haunches and looked right at me (had pink eyes!) and then started nibbling the grass. It was awesome, and not scared of me at all, gee I wonder why??? LOL Wasn't about to go up and tap it and tell it to stay away from the highway either. I sure hope it stays on the hill and doesn't get injured. I called my friend that does wildlife rescue to tell her, but she isn't home tonight. It was really something to see!
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Wow! Now that's not something you see everyday. That's just funny, I bet it was pretty too.
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Hissy; I envy you living in a rural setting. I was raised in the country and I really miss all the unexpected wonders of nature that we can be surprised by. What a great thing to happen on. I hope you can contact your friend from Protective Wildlife.

Of course, we do have our unexpected encounters with wildlife here in the city; some nights while taking the trash to the alley dumpster you will happen on a hugh opossum; not to mention sometimes the rats are the size of alley cats.

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Cool, I didn't even know porcupines could be albino. The real question though, since you live in Oregon, is whether you've seen a bigfoot! I saw a special on them on Animal Planet one time so I went to this bigfoot website. I was surprised to see a reported sighting of a white one only about 15 miles from my house!
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I think it is a human hoax and will go down in history as one of the almost perfect crimes. =) A 7' thing moving through the trees would be easy to spot and although they are finding feetprints, they aren't finding any thing else...so I think it is just someone who has to much time on their hands!
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My husband & I also live in a rural setting, and I am constantly both amazed and amused by the antics of the wildlife with which we share our property. There are groundhogs, chipmunks, deer, squirrels, rabbits and all the normal things one would expect to see in the country in the south-eastern United States...as well as hawks, big barn owls, and the like. I also enjoy setting out my bird feeders and watching the bright red cardinals, and the visually stunning bright yellow goldfinches. I have spent many hours gazing out my kitchen window at the various animals and birds around my place.

This reminded me of a conversation I enjoyed with a friend who lives on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound, near Seattle. One must take a ferry to get to her place, and the snow-capped mountains surround the island. It is a breathtaking visual.

Well, as I was talking with her on the telephone one afternoon, a doe deer and two baby fawns ran into my yard and were leaping and jumping about - so I told my friend about it...and she replied, "Oh, I just ADORE watching the wildlife around my place here too! I can look right out my kitchen sink window and watch the Orcas frolic!" *GASP* "ORCAS?", I exclaimed. And then my friend began speaking in an effected Scottish accent like Scotty in the Star Trek movie about the whales..."Aye, Captain, there be WHALES here!".

I still laugh about this conversation. I don't know why I thought of it other than your post about the albino porcupine brought it to mind. *smile*

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We had a 28 foot tollycraft. It was anchored in Seward. One weekend it was really foggy, but we decided to go out to Humpy Cove anyway. When we got into open sea, Mike nudged me and pointed. In the distance we could see this big black spike that looked like it was laying in the water. Mike and I thought it was a sailboat overturning, so he gunned the motor and brought us close. When we got closer, we saw that it was the fin of a HUGE Orca, and we were close, because we thought the boat needed help! Suddenly the sea started to rustle around us and we were right in the middle of a pod of killer whales who were feeding on salmon. It is an experience I will never forget, I was close enough to reach out and touch them and both of us were praying out loud that our boat wouldn't capsize! You get in with these giants and really know that there is a God somewhere with a great design!
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I saw on tv recently that there apparently have been no reports of wild Orcas injuring humans, so I guess you would have been pretty safe.
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