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guess and win points

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Ok guys this is my baby boy Odie. I thought it would be fun to see who could get closest to his breed combination. His parents belong to some friends of mine, who thankfully had the momma fixed this year. I will give 500 points to the person who gets closest to his breed combination, if anyone gets the exact breed combinaton i will double the points. You need to know that both parents were purebreds of their respective breeds. I will leave the contest open until thursday 11pm, UNLESS SOMEONE GETS THE EXACT BREED BEFORE THIS TIME, AT WHICH TIME THE CONTEST WILL CLOSE! If needed i will post a better picture tomorrow. Points will go to the first correct/closest answer (if more that one person has the same guess thats close to the exact the first responder will win).

Odie's baby picture

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Can you say age and weight? Or would that make it too easy?
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Rat terrier, fox terrier?
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I see chiuaha(spelled wrong i know lol) and some type of terrier??
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his age, as of this morning he is 1 year and 3 months old. His weight based on a guess because my scales are broken is between 5 and 10 pounds. these are some picts i took this morning to help y'all out a little. i should have posted these last night but my camera didnt have batteries, so you can guess again if you dont think the first guess was right.

remember if someone gets the exact breed combination i will close the contest early.
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Chihuahua/Jack Russel
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well dadgum it, i guess it wasnt that hard after all. CONTEST IS OVER. Plebayo is our winner with the exact guess. 1000 points. But i will post another picture for another contest as soon as i get home this evening since that was wayyyyy to easy, and i do have points i dont seam to use.
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British Bull Dog / Jack Russell mix?
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I can see the Jack in him from the front view.
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Originally Posted by Plebayo View Post
Chihuahua/Jack Russel
That was my first guess too, but I got here too late. Oh well. Bring on the next challenge.

Beautiful dog, BTW!
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Bwuhaahahahaha I am such a genius!!!!!!!

Really it was just a lucky guess I was trying to think in terms of what breeds would be common hahahaha. I can definitley see the chihuahua, when you said both parents were purebred [just different] I figured Jack Russel because of his size/ear shape.
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He is cute.. He looked more chi as a baby and more jack russell now.
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