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back again

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Hello again!
I was a member on here over a year ago,but due to family circumstances havent been on for ages.
I still have my 2 babies-suki and sadie,altho have some bad news about sadie.
Yesterday i had to rush her to the vets as she could hardly breath.
after many test i.e xrays,bloods,its the vets conclusion that she has an allergic reaction to something.
She is currently in an oxygen tent, on sreiods,breathing tablets,and medication to reverse the allergies symptons.
News last night was that she was stable but still having difficulty breathing.
As you can imagine i have been up most the night sat with suki,and praying sadie will pull through.
I should know more this morning.

Word of warning to everyone.
Yesterday i used a different spray to clean the bathroom,and noticed when i had finished sadie was sat outside the door.

As she is mostly an indoor cat and hasnt been out for days the conclusion the vet and i have made is altho she was not in the bathroom she must have inhaled some of the fumes.

So please send her good vibes,and be aware of what can happen

Thank you
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poor sadie im sending vibes for her and i hope she gets better
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Welcome back

I'll move you over to the health forum where others can help you
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Welcome back to TCS.

Thank you for your reminding us about the danger of exposing our kitties to chemical fumes.

I am sending sweet Sadie tons of healing vibes.
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Thanx for the healing vibes.
Just to let you know sadie is coming home tonight.
Her breathing is almost back to normal,she is still a bit shaky,but this should settle over the next few hours.
The vet did notice a small bleed in her eye,which she thinks is related,so she goes back in tomorrow for a check up and again next week.

Thank goodness i had pet insurance.
Bill is nearly £500.
Altho i would have found it somehow....

Thanx again
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I am so glad that Sadie is improving.

More healing vibes are on the way....
Sweet Sadie
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Just an update on sadie.
she did come home on Thursday evening,but as soon as she was out of her basket i knew she wasnt right.
She is having trouble with her back legs.
She can walk but is very wobbly,and she just flops down every few steps.
She did eat a little,but is very unhappy.
so i took her back on Friday,cause she had to have her eyes checked for more bleeding.
the vet said there was no more bleeding in her eyes which was good.
But she wasnt happy with her back legs.
(she said she hadnt noticed it the day before!!!)
She had already taking bloods to check for Toxoplasmosis,but the results were not back.
so she decided to start her on medication just incase this was what she had.
But becauswe sadie wont take tablets,(even the vet couldnt give her one),she has had to stay in to see if they could get some tablets into her.
Should know more on Monday,but not looking to hopeful.

If she has got toxoplasmosis,it could have already affected her brain,and if she hasnt then they dont know what is wrong with her.
Please send her lots of vibes, and lots of love to her sister who is missing her like crazy.
Thank you
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Prayers for her.
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sending lots of healing that sadie will be fit and well again soon. what a worrying time for you. take and give comfort from suki.
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Is there any chance of getting Sadie to a feline neurologist? I think you need a second opinion, the sooner the better. If you can get to a neurologist, be sure to bring the label of the spray cleaner you used that you think Sadie had a reaction to. Knowing the ingredients may help a specialist pinpoint what could have affected Sadie and how to treat it.
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I am so sorry to hear about Sadie! Praying she makes a full recovery.
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Just another quick update on sadie.
I have just spoken to her vet and they are going to do a neurologist assesment on her shortly.
Buit they did say she was more alert today,and walking around ok.
so thankyou all so much for the vibes and hopefully things are looking a bit more hopeful although still praying for her..
thanx again
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Originally Posted by wiltshiregirl View Post
I have just spoken to her vet and they are going to do a neurologist assesment on her shortly.
Buit they did say she was more alert today,and walking around ok.

This is very good news! So glad she is able to walk, especially.
Thanks for keeping us updated. Lots of prayers & good wishes for Sadie
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Sadie is still in vets waiting for test results on toxomaplosis,felv and fiv.
I did go down yesterday tro take some food down as she wasnt eating.
They let me see her and she was ok,and really loving to start,and then she had a look come across her face and she didnt want to know me.
Then 5 minutes later she was ok again.
She is walking better,altho does go a bit wobbly from time to time on her left leg.
Could possibly bring her home later if the test results are back and the medication is changed so she can have it in her food.(She wont take tablets without a really bad struggle that gets her totaly stressed out)
I am hoping that the change in her is tempory altho i will give her as much love as possible,for as long as she is happy and in no pain.
I just hope the test results are good.
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Glad you are back and sending good vibes to your Sadie cat
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Just to let you know sadie is coming home this evening.
Her test results came back negative for toxomaplosis,leukimia,and aids.
Altho she did have possible early stages of fip in her bloods,but no actual symptons.
Will just be a case of keeping a good eye on her and regular checks at the vets.
Thankyou all for the good vibes you have sent.
You have been a great comfort to all of us.
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