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Pics of Nemo's kittens

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Here are a few pics. It was hard to get real good ones cause she was in a dark closet. The pics of the kittens are in the order they were born and the last one in Nemo feeding the babies. It's hard to see the babies because they are the same color as her.

I will try to get better one's tomorrow:

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OMG! They look just like their mama!!!! Dad must be a grey tabby. (Maybe, can't put the genetics together too good right now, PUI-ing a bit tonite! LOL)
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Beautiful! Congrats! I have been following your other thread, and I am so happy that everything turned out well. They look so happy sitting on their mama, and Nemo looks so content! Keep the pics coming!
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Aww, they look just like Nemo. They're beautiful.
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They're sooooo cute!
The last picture is my favorite.
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OMG, how precious.
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OOOH! Congratulations!!!
I can't wait until my momcat pops! I'm happy for you, but a bit GREEN with envy! But seriously, you have some beautiful kitties!
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Awwww, they are so cute!!!
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They are Cute. Its been over 5 Years since I got to hold baby kittens. I would love to see more Pics. They look like the Mom.
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OMG!! Look at how tiny!! Umbilical cord still attached on the one and everything!! They are so cute!! Makes me want to have kittens! (but it would be REALLY hard to do since I have 3 neutered males!!) Keep the pics comin! You know we love em!
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The last photo is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us
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They are so cute I can't stand it! I love the last picture, it looks like she is smiling! She is so happy with her babies!!!
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Congrats! The kittens are so beautiful and Nemo looks so proud!
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Good job Nemo...
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I'll move mum and gorgeous babies into fur pics where others will see
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So. cute. can't. stand. it.

She really does look happy there with her babies. I love tabbies
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Awwwww....... they're beautiful... gray tabbies like Momma. Congrats to you and to Nemo. She looks good.
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Oh how CUTE!!!!
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They are so precious
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Aww they are such beautiful kittens & they have such a pretty momma!
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Ohhh they are soooo cute

And mama Nemo looks so proud
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congrats they are beautiful little kittens. good job
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She looks like a proud momma and I bet so are you!
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omg CONGRATS.....They are adorable.....Hope Dill has her's soon.....ne minute not I hope......Good luck with the babies.....
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She really does look like a very proud Mommy!! She looks like she's saying "SEE WHAT I DID??" So precious!!
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Awwwww, how cute is that!?!
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Ahhh such a cute bunch and such a good mommy
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What beautiful kitties! Please keep them coming as they grow!!
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