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Kitten bites

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Me and my girlfriend are having a little bit of a disagreement over this one..Our kitten likes to grab ahold of your wrist and then bite most of the time lightly..sometimes he gets a little rough and bites hard but never breaks skin or anything, he will bite and then lick you once you stop moving..if you move at all he bites again..i told her its just him playing and its fine, she thinks hes either doing it as some sort of grooming thing or it is playing but shes afraid he will get used to doing this and might start actually biting people thinking hes playing etc..what is your take on it? If it is a problem, what should we do to remedy it? I like playing kinda rough with the kitty but she doesnt like it =(

Edit: He will also bite your face too if you get close enough for him to do it, its like he will bite you and then lick you. The face you just notice it more because its more sensitive. I say its play and he will grow out of it but she doesnt agree >.<
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my cat does that i just distract her to get my hand away but i dont really think its anything bad until she uses her claws then i say "bad kitty" very sternly and she stops i would just let her lick its nothing that bad to me. And the face this i would say "NO" and then tap her nose with your finger to show that you mean it.

but this is jsut me
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My male cat started doing this but it was more of a love bite. They sure did hurt though. He would start to lick you and then latch on. As time went by he was doing this more and more. So what I did was, every time he would bite me or go to bite me I would scream like I was in pain. It would startle him and he would run away. After about a week of this, he stopped biting all together.

Good luck
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Caps are for emphasis: Latching onto the wrist while biting and rabbit kicking is very specifically NOT play, it is dominant aggression and should be DISCOURAGED.

This behavior, if not stopped now can potentially lead to a cat that will attack to show his dominance over his humans.

I have recently read a few books on cat behavioral issues, and this one is pretty big - you need to remove your hand from the cat's reach with a loud NO! and literally TURN YOUR BACK on him. Every single time.

This will reinforce to him that this is NOT proper behavior, and he will stop after a while.

Again, it is NOT playing, it is aggressive behavior most often shown by alpha males.
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Moses play bites. My and my boyfriend were kind of in your situation. I thought that all biting should be discouraged, but he thought that it was fine and just playing. He won. Moses is 1 now, still play-bites for attention, but he's never broken skin. He does know that I won't take as much as my boyfriend, and so he doesn't play this way with me as much. He does do it a lot more with the boyfriend, and I figure its just typical male "rough-housing"
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