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"Be a Man..."

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IMO Whitey has the cutest little meows. They're high pitched and sing-songy.

However he's the male-it of the household and our female-its all are deeper in voice and less musical.

Tonight B was walking through the kitchen and Whitey was "singing" to him in his cute little high pitch noises and prancing all around B's legs.

B looked down at him and said "Whitey. Be a Man"
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Oh man, I laughed. That's so funny. Whitey sounds like such a cutie.
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lol i wonder the same with eazy, he still meeps like a kitten.

but hmm we did cut off there boys, so, you cant really expect them to have manly roar :P
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Too funny
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The scariest pyscho cat I've ever known (he was deprived of his momcat early, and has huge frustration issues as a result) has the most adorable kittenish meow.

Not only is this kitty more than a little no-warning violent, he's big, and all muscle (like 13 pounds I think?)

But he has this tiny, little, heart-melting baby meow.
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Our RB tuxedo cat Miles was the same way. He was a *huge* cat (weighed 14 lbs of solid muscle at full fighting weight) but he had this little bitty "Mew!"

He was an absolute marshmallow, though, so that tiny meow fit him.
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Aw, that is cute! Lol, my husband jokes about our little Tiger sometimes too!
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