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The Bathtub

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So Jack aka Junior is very interested in water, loves the sink loves the tub.

When I bathe he often sits on the side and drinks the water, today he took things too far.

He decided that the skin that was sticking out of the water (my belly and chest) looked like a good place to sit. Yep--right out onto me and sat down!

Talk about a peeping tom!

post #2 of 23 did you give him a complimentary bath as well???
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That's too funny!

Our oldest cat Meow, a red tabby, likes to join us in the shower. Seriously! He complains at the door to be let in, then will stand there with the water pouring down on him. He doesn't seem to care, just laps up the water. I guess he's thirsty?
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That's too funny. Popsie gets up on the side when I take a bath. I'm always afraid he'll slip and fall in then claw the crud out of me trying to get out. I can picture it happening in my head.
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I stayed very still as I too was worried I would end up a bloody mess.

He stayed for about 2 minutes stepped back over to the side and ran like a bat out of heck down the steps to my husband--while I laughed hysterically!

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Fred, (aka Freddy Krueger if that tells you anything about his claws), fell into the tub with me once, and I looked like I lost a fight with a cheese grater.
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Funny thing was I wasn't terribly shocked he joined me--he has been pondering it for at least 3 weeks.

We aren't cat people so apparently the reason Jack found us is that he possesses so many dog like characteristics he knew we'd fall for him.

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Flowerbelle does this too! It is too funny. We always have to make sure the shower is extra clean when we're done so she doesn't lap up any soap.

I'm glad Jack didn't dig his claws in to get off of you! He's an adventursome boy!

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oh how funny! but how lucky that you weren't scratched! shinobi is a real water baby too, i have little pawprints in my bathroom sink on a daily basis now!
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lol now that is funny!
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lol - I bet Pepper would do that if I took baths instead of showers
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LOL! hehe

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The things we let our loved ones do--my mother in law would have a cow if she knew he was in the tub with me. When we got him the first question out of her mouth was, "he's an outdoor cat right?"--not in this house!

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lol! Teddy likes to lie outside the sliding door of the bathroom and keep guard, and occasionally he will come in to check if im ok. I go down to his level and he will lick me like he licks himself after a bath. He also likes to lie in amongst the shower curtain while I am showering. it looks like he is lying in a half fallen down hammock
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I think every cat we have ever had has fallen in the tub at least once. Sterling will even get in the shower with my wife, as long as not TOO much water hits him. And he definitely wants to go in there as soon as she gets out. He had a great time playing with my toes under the water, when we first got him. He outgrew that, I guess.
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That is hysterical! At one point Maia had shredded the shower curtain from extreme tub play! She sometimes insists on accompanying me in the bathroom when I shower and when she discovered that she had made two perfect peep holes for her to watch me through the lining as I showered, I almost died! All I saw was two eyes looking at me like a bank robber!
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LOL! Glad you weren't hurt. My Sammie is fascinated with the tub and shower and, to a lesser degree, the sinks. Every since she was a kitten she has walked the tub ledge if I take a bath. She fell in twice, and still gets up there. These days, she likes to drink the bath water. She always uses her left paw, dips it in the water and laps the water off. Very cute. She is fascinated if I make it a bubble bath...dips into the bubbles, sniffs and then shakes them off. Again and again.

Now, my shower enclosure is clear glass and she's been know to leap against the doors. She's come in several times, but when she gets too wet she exits, but then commences to the door leaping. It is very funny! And yes, after I leave the shower, she MUST get in and investigate.
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He should be easy to give a bath to
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He actually is pretty good about baths--we scruff him but he puts up no major fight.

Jack loves the shower curtains as well--he stands between the cloth curtain and plastic curtain and bats at the water falling down the curtain. He has fallen in at least twice--granted one time his daddy may have helped with the falling. If my hubby goes in to take a shower and shuts the bathroom door Jack cries in the hall til I go open it and let him in. Jack is very talkative--another reason we love him so much!

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We've got a peeping tom kitty too... Tiger! He will literally run to the bathroom when he hears someone 'going' in there. I've caught him a few times in the tub, behind the curtain, too. Startled me pretty good when I heard him moving back there!
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That's funny!!! I can say I have never had my cat do that!! Wesley jumped into the bath one day with me but he freaked out and jumped right back out. He has never done it since!
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We don't shut doors when we go in the bathroom--but when not in use we usually shut the door because Jack will get into the TP on occasion. As soon as the bathroom door opens he bolts from wherever he is in the house and runs and dives into the tub, then climbs up on the side and punches at you from behind the curtain. What a goof!

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Zoey always perches herself on the bathtub when it's bathing time!! She has also got in the bath tub with me... Funny cats!!!!!
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