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Peace needs vibes.  

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He's now staying his 2nd night at the vets and they still don't know what's wrong. A few weeks ago we noticed Peace licking on things like the cook stove, floor (hardwood), food bowl, wood stove, etc. I also noticed his poo was green and just water. Took him to the vet and he was on 3cc's spec/stat/amoxi combo 2 times a day. After a week he started falling over (Oh! Also being treated for earmites) and the vet said to use less ear medicine as he thought it was too strong for Peace. Come this past Sunday, I was waiting for Peace to pass on, that's how bad he is. He's only 8 months old, deaf, and he has no balance. Took him in Monday and the vets started testing and kept him overnight. I received a call this afternoon that Peace is no better but no worse. One vet asked about rabies but Peace has never been outside. They cleaned his ears out and was hoping that he might have an ear infection and found nothing. Now I'm told it's a neurological (sp) problem and in a kitten as young as Peace, they are stumped.

Please keep my little white boy in your thoughts if possible. I'll take him back even if he falls over a lot as long as he's fine again.
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Prayers for him.
I sure hope he will be ok.
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Sending Peace lots of vibes!
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Thank you both. Peace is now spending a 3rd night at the vets. He's still no better/worse cept he now wouldn't eat today. All they can think of is with everything he was licking that it all caused brain damage. He still wobbles when he stands up and falls over. His head rests on his shoulder but he is able to move it. The part we worry over is the not eating. I'll be going to visit him tomorrow and if there's no change I'll probably let him go. The vets agree that he wouldn't have the best of life if he stays the way he is and it might be better to let him go. With him being deaf it'd be hard to keep him off of things since he can just fall over off a table or couch or chair.

I just don't know what to do. *sigh*
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Sending loving thoughts to you and sweet Peace.
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Our thoughts are with you and Peace.
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oh poor peace...
that they'll find a way to make him comfortable, one way or the other.

anyone say whether or not it could be epilepsy?
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Thank you all.

Nobody has said anything about the possibility of epilepsy but I'll make sure to ask tomorrow.
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I'm wondering if he didn't have a stroke? It's possible he licked something he shouldn't have also.
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Aw poor baby.

and to help you make the right decision for Peace. I'm so sorry.

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I have another thread that has as much info as I can think of in it here:

I've been looking into toxo but I don't think that would be it. I was tested last month and it came back negative. Should I still ask for this test? Also I read this "ANIMALS LESS THAN AGE ONE YEAR
seizures are usually caused by infections of the brain. Analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, obtained by a tap under anesthesia, would be important."

I know that test will probably be out of my price range but would it be good to ask about it, too?

Thank you all.
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hm. My first thought was Pica (eating of non-food items) due to stress from the move.
green stools are usually from plant material, maybe kitty got ahold of a poisonous plant? or my other thought was that he had a reaction to the meds, causing high blood pressure that resulted in stroke?

just speculation obviously...

My prayers are with you and Peace.
Hang in there
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No plants, real or fake, are in my home as my boy Jake would eat them all.
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I posted this in my other thread, too.

A huge thank you to strange wings! Sadly Peace is with us no more but by agreement from the vets it was chemical poisoning that, over time, was killing Peace. I was told that it is possible with the rust on the bottom of the stove I might not have got all the cleaner off and the combination of cleaner(s) and rust it was slowly poisoning him.

I spent an hour with Peace today before decideing. I had all the answers I could get and was also told that as advanced as his symptoms they were irreversable plus Peace stopped eating yesterday and they thought they lost him today. Peace had a seizure while I was holding him that was worse then any I had seen and I decided then to let him go.

Thank you all so very much!
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I'm so sorry.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge peace!
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I am so sorry...
you did everything that you could.
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I'm so sorry

I'll lock the thread and send Peace over into the Bridge
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