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I met stupidity today

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A friend of mine has a friend that is trying to rehome a very pregnant dog! She is adorable as can be........

They asked me if I am interested in her(the thought crossed my mind) but I dont know what to do with a bunch of pups.....but of course Mr Genius did

Can ya guess what he suggested??

Why not sit in Wal mart parking lot!!!!!! He actually suggested this to me! He said "I have got rid of alot of pups this way!!!

Wow!!! Yeah I am sorry but I would NOT do that!!!

Arghh, people are not too bright!
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LOL wow.. I'd be afraid to sit in our walmart parking lot!!! :-o
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People around here do that all the time unfortunately. It always makes me so sad to see them.
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Gaaah! What? No low cost S/N where this oaf is? Sheeesh!!
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What an
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wow.. the walmart parking lot -- Seriously though -- I hope that a good solution can be found for the mom and pups
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It is certainly A solution.... although maybe not the BEST solution
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Why can't the person advertise? If they can't pay for an ad they could always put up flyers in the area offering free pups.
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Although I haven't seen it since we moved back to Florida, I did see it out in California quite a bit..And I think Tucker is a WalMart orphan.
My ex came home with him out of the blue after going out on errands & told me one story. He was a habitual liar to begin with, but when I went back to work & told a girl who lived in the same town about our new family member, she told me about seeing a kitten being given away outside at WalMart who matched Tucker's description exactly.
It was sad to see, coming out of WalMart, people would have kittens in cardboard boxes trying to give them away. They were so hard to resist & it's hard to think of the future & be responsible when you want to save them all.
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