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I have a large amount of l-lysine powder left over from when my vet prescribed it to my poor, sick trash kitty awhile back (she is much better now, and even learning how to rub her face against mine )

My question is - I understand it's considered an 'essential ammino acid' - can/should I sprinkle a little bit over all of the cats food (I have nine, and I free feed) occasionally? Is it a good preventative, or really only used when a cat is ill?

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Taco has Feline Herpes and requires daily lysine. I crush up a pill and put it in their water. None of the other kitties *need* the lysine, but it doesn't hurt them to have it.
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hey i take it every day! Doctor recommended it for my hair when i got sick. Said it would help it grow back in! I dont see why it would hurt them to have it. A little may be beneficial! As always double check with your vet though!
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It would not hurt to give the lysine. I was using it for my stray/feral rescued kitten and my vet said it would be just fine to give it to all my cats, as a preventive measure.
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My cats will get a maintenance dose of lysine for life. I up the dose if I hear someone sneezing...
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Lysine is a RELATIVELY safe thing to supplement with as it is an amino acid and OD would go right out ... BUT talk with the vet ...
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the dosage for a kitty is 250 mg. daily.

my vet says it's harmless if not needed and very beneficial if it is. (like for feline herpes)
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Please be sure it doesn't have propylene glycol in it though. If it does throw it away immediately.
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Originally Posted by saya View Post
the dosage for a kitty is 250 mg. daily.

my vet says it's harmless if not needed and very beneficial if it is. (like for feline herpes)
250? Hmmm... My vet told me to give a 500mg capsule twice daily. Before I was giving 250mg (half a capsule) twice a day, but she told me to raise it now that my kitten has grown.
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my vet said 250mg, up to twice a day. start at once and then go to twice a day.

it's possible the dose was only meant for my cats' size...
They're both around 7 lbs.

I imagine all vets are different too...
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Well, I don't think it's a size thing because the kitten my vet gave me the dosage for is about 6.5 pounds. When he was younger/smaller it was less, but he is 6.5 now at just under four months old and that was the dosage she recommended. He isn't actually sick but he does get watery eyes, and it seems to help. I guess it's probably just different vets having different opinions on dosage.
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