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I hurt Coco last night

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I didnt see her and kicked her in the mouth and nose. She started sneezing like crazy after. She is ok now but I felt bad she got hurt.
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Sometimes I think we get hurt more than our babies when stuff like that happens. I'm glad she's OK.
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Her Allergies are acting up too. She is sleeping next to me on the Sofa.
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I made my poor kitten hold it for 8 hours!

I took the litter box downstairs to add more litter, when I brought it back up I accidently put it open hole side to the wall--we lock him in our room at night. So he didn't pee or poo for 8 hours!

I felt like a very mean meowmy!

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I've accidentally pinched the tails of my kitties when they'd get too close to my rolling office chair. I would try to check carefully before I move the chair but sometimes I just don't see them. Then I feel like a huge heel when they let out a howl and take off running.
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I've accidentally squished tails, stepped on paws, and sat on unsuspecting kitties under covers...nobody's worse for wear, but boy it sure gives my heart a good rattle!!!
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Mike was going to sit on the couch and felt a lump... he had sat on Rusty who jumped up there just as he sat down. He was so worried he had hurt her since he weighs over 300 pounds! But she was fine...

And a few days ago, he was moving a standing fan and the base fell off and bopped Dusty on the head! She yelped but was fine. He says they have 8 lives left... LOL
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aww, i kick mine off the bed all the time
and they yell at me for it also lol
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i think everyone does something like that occasionally. all of my furbabies sleep in the room with us, and heaven forbid you have to get up and go potty in the middle of the night because you are sure to step on/trip over/kick or otherwhys disturb someone. I felt really bad the other day, i accidently shut the end of callie's tail in the bathroom door. Boy did she yell at me for it. But in my defence she always tries at the last minute to run in and not be left on the oppisite side of the big bad door, esp the bathroom.
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Shark's paws seem to be trodden on a fair bit at the moment, mainly where she keeps getting under our feet when she is asking for food

She sure does yelp though!

And I have recently been kicking Arwen off the bed in the evenings by accident, that's the only trouble when you find yourself getting comfortable on the bed, you kinda stretch out and forget that there is a kitty there!

Poor thing...she does forgive me a few minutes later though, and climbs back on again!
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