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Taxes: How are you filing yours and have you already?

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I have just filed my taxes on Turbo Tax, but was wondering what everyone else is doing this time around.

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I did mine with Turbo Tax also, have done this for the last 2 years and will continue to do so! I filed in early February and already got my little tiny refund
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H & R Block. I didn't think I could do it myself, with my student loans, HSA account, and everything else. Maybe next year.
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I am not sure yet. If we file online we have to pay a fee but we get it pretty fast. If I file them myself it's free but takes longer to receive it. DH wasn't happy on how long it took last year.
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I'll be doing it online, sometime this week or this weekend. Dad showed me where I can do it online for free, and using my old TurboTax information too!

Here's the link, it only works if your gross income was less than 54,000 though
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I use an independant accountant, I have for years!
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sandtigress- I actually went that route too... I was able to use turbotax online for free to file federal, and two states And, it only took me about 1 hour! Of course, all that means I don't have much money, savings, etc... which was why it was so easy to file. lol.

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Independent accountant - only person we could find who would do our taxes since we have earnings in Australia and the US to deal with.
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Online through Ufile.ca

I have already filed
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I have gone to an independent accountant just because my parents have. However, starting last year, I was trying to do it by pen and paper on my own to see how close I compared with the accountant and I was only $20 off!

I may get brave one day and try to do it online one time. I have student loans, and multiple money funds, etc. I'm just afraid I would miss something.
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no i am hanging on to my money for as along as i can
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I've been using TurboTax for several years now. I was using an accountant, and he was charging me more and more each year, but my taxes are EASY to file. I figured, why pay him $150 to do my taxes, when I can pay less than half that to use TurboTax and e-file them myself. I've already gotten both my state and federal refunds...pretty much spent them too!!!
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I'm just waiting on a couple things to be mailed to me, then I'll be filing mine online. I've done it that way for about 4 years now. It's pretty easy and I find I get my refund back pretty quickly.
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I did mine a few weeks ago. One of my friends works for H&R block so she did them.
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I have to do mine soon. I just got the last couple papers in the mail yesterday. I am probably going to go to H&R Block because I am afraid to do it myself.
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Oh and no... haven't filed yet. We're waiting to get a bunch of paperwork back from the Australian accountant for the first half of 2007 (second half of the Australian 06/07 tax year) that we need for our US tax return. It's so annoying!!
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i used the H&R block free website and already got my refund yesterday
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Well, I have done my tax but haven't filed. I owe $5600.00. Bleh!
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I filed mine on H&R Block's online site this year as well as last. Already got my federal return deposited in checking. Got to send my state one in (SC wasnt accepting e-filing). I like doing it for $45 on that site. Rob has to go to a tax person though because his are all sorts of weird with the job he had this last year.
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My moms DH is a CPA he does our taxes for 40bucks
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I go to H&R Block to have mine done. I already filed back at the end of January and have my refunded banked...
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I'm an accountant so I do many taxes.
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We filed our taxes online at the beginning of the month! We love doing it this way; it is very easy if you are organized with all your paperwork. We already received the refund and spent it all
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We used to always go to HR Block, but DH owns his own business, so now we use a personal accountant.
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We used Turbo tax again...although I used to do it myself via pen and paper...
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I've used H&R Block software the past couple of years. I may just do it online though since my bank is offering it for free (Federal).

Obviously I still have yet to file mine. I JUST got my last W-2. The weirdo company I worked for before sent it to my OLD address instead of my new and played stupid. I had emailed them when I knew this address AND I've been getting my 401k stuff forwarded to me from the company. Now I'm lucky enough to get to monitor my credit scores since I don't know the new renters at our old place.


Anyhoo, hopefully this weekend or next weekend... I hope I get money back
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We are going to Jackson Hewett. I will owe alot this year its compliacted.
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I do my own because I'm "frugal".
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If any of you need some tax advice please feel free to ask!
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Online... easiest.
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