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Any clue why this is happening?

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Ok, I'll give as much info as possible even if it's not important.

I am using Firefox on my desktop computer. I have TCS up on the bookmarks toolbar so I can log in quickly .

Friday afternoon, I clicked on it, and it did not load. It seemed like it was going to, but was very slow and in the end didn't load at all. I tried a couple times an hour pretty much from Friday evening until yesterday evening. TCS just wouldn't come up. I tried not only on my desktop, but also tried from my new laptop and from John's laptop as well.... it would not come up at all.

It finally started working again yesterday evening, and worked fine up until I went to bed. But when I got up this morning it was not working for me again. I again tried all of the computers available and it wouldn't work on any of them. I asked John to check it from his office and he said it came up there for him.

John thinks that it must be something in our internet connection here at the house but despite all of his knowledge about computers he can't figure out what it is. TCS is working fine for me now but I'm afraid it will stop working again.

Any clue what could be causing it and how to fix it? I don't like being without TCS for very long!!
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It could be that a router is down between your home connection and TCS. A downed router will prevent your connection from reaching the destination.

The fact that it's intermittent is a good sign that that is what the problem is. The fact that it works from your husband's office is another sign. Even though your husband's work is in the same city, it's possible that his connection is travelling a different road than the one at your house.

You can do a tracert to see what your connection is like between you and TCS. Here is how you do it:


Once you get into DOS Prompt, you would type in the following at the command prompt as shown in the images at the above link:

tracert thecatsite.com

It will start to go through the hops that your connection travels. If you get time outs, it means the router at that hop is down.

Once you know that information you can contact your ISP and check with them and ask what the trouble is. If it's persistent and enough people have problems, they can opt to change the route that their connection travels. Though whether they would do that or not is another thing.
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Thanks for the info! So far, it's still working, fingers are crossed that it doesn't go down again.
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