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Hi All

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My name is Michael, and I have two cats, Zandile and Tulisiwe. Zandile is a pitch black three year old kitten (never grew up) I got her as a baby from a local Animal Rescue . I found Tulisiwe (bad pic attached) wandering in the Durban harbour many years ago. She is almost 20 now and has slowly gone completely blind. She has adapted though, and finds her way around fine, albeit slowly. I work from home and she spens most of her day on my lap at the PC.

They both send greetings.
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Welcome to the site Tuzan!! Tulisiwe is beautiful. Wow, 20 years old! You guys must have some very beautiful memories together, and many more yet to be made. Zandile sounds a lot like my Trent. He's also a 3 year old black kitten who never grew up.

I'm so glad you joined us here! Jump in where ever you want. Ask or answer questions, or just hang out with us in the Lounge.
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glad to meet you and your gorgeous cats!
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Welcome! It's so wonderful to have posters in the forums from all over the world! I look forward to hearing more about your cat family.
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Welcome Michael! I also had a cat that lived a long life. She was a Siamese and passed away in her early 20's.

Enjoy your stay!

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20??? Goodness, that's wonderful. She's a lovely little girl... I'm glad she's adapted to her blindness... with 20 years behind her, she must be well taken care of.

And where's a picture of Zandile?? Hmmm?? We love pictures!!

Oh, and welcome!
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Welcome. I'm still a kitten, but welcome anyways.
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Hi Michael!!!!!

Welcome and good to see you here. More pics please.
I find it very hard to use my computer with my cat on my lap, you must have done some adapting too.
You must be a kind soul.

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Welcome!! I just recently joined myself....have fun the site is great! You're cat is sooo cute!!
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