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Macabre Mystery in the News Here

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*Warning* Might be disturbing to some. This is just too weird. And too close to home for me.

Third foot washed ashore in B.C. adds to mystery

...The mystery began when one severed foot washed ashore last summer. The second foot was found a week later, on a busy beach trail.

Now, what began as a strange coincidence has taken on downright baffling dimensions with the discovery earlier this month of a third male foot. All three feet washed up on a Gulf Island between B.C.'s mainland and Vancouver Island.

The connection between the feet doesn't end there. They were all right feet, size 12, and all three were shod in sneakers.

The RCMP and the coroner's office are investigating who the three men were and what may have happened. The feet are being investigated individually as separate cases....


It makes you wonder; for every foot they have found, how many have not washed ashore? There are a lot of homeless people here and in Vancouver so it might be a long time before this is solved.

"Do body parts wash up here often?," you might ask.

...Although it is somewhat common to find individual body parts, Dolen said this would be "the first instance of three such similar remains being discovered" in such proximity....

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that is so freaky and downright scary!
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is right! That is weird!
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A foot fetishist disposing of trophies? If it weren't for the sneakers, I'd wonder if a voodoo practictioner were robbing graves, and then later disposing of the stolen parts. I vaguely recall seeing a similar story concerning hands on "Autopsy" years ago.
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That sounds similar to what is happening here - so far two feet have been found on our beaches in Christchurch.
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OMG, that is so spinechilling
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That is really scary!
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i heard about that last night on the news.
that is just strange.

i dont suppose someone had three right feet.

by the way i wear size 12
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I wonder how many used the beach and STEPPED on the feet?!

ew...I can't ever go into the ocean again...
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