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Oops!!! BAD mummy!

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I was in bed last night, and had my knees bent up with the laptop resting on my legs, then decided it was bed time. I turned the bedside light off, put the laptop down, then automatically just straightened out my legs (quite fast). I forgot to check for kitties on the bed...

Poor Stumpy who had been fast asleep at my feet got booted off the bed. I heard her bounce off the metal rail at the end of the bed, tumble off the plastic filing folders at the end of the bed, then hit the ground with a thud along with a bunch of papers. She went hiding under the bed, wouldn't let me pat her, backed away from me, then once I had gotten back into bed, slunk out the door with her belly low to the ground.

Poor Stumpy I woke up at 4am and she was back on the bed snoring her head off, so she can't be too traumatised, but boy did I feel bad!

Have you managed to kick your kitties out of bed? I've done it a few times to unsuspecting kitties, but this has been the most force I think!
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Oh..poor Stumpy! But rest assured, I've did that myself and even so, she still would want to sleep with me. One time, I didn't know better. Was really sleepy and my pillows were bugging me so I threw them down the floor, flipping Lucy Belle along the way. I felt so bad.
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Oh yes, sometimes the only way to get out from under the covers at night is to pick Bella up and move her. Sometimes I forget and she takes a faster trip down...

Stan too has taken the fast train off the bed when DH straightened out his legs...can't be too bad, he always comes back
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I've done that too I got such a dirty look that I had a hard time falling asleep after that. I felt so bad
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I've done that so many times. I've also almost accidentally sat on a kitty a few times when someone decides to jump up into my chair when I'm starting to sit down!
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Yes, I have accidentally kicked a cat off the bed. I feel horrible when I do it. They keep getting back on the bed though so I know I am forgiven.
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I've done the cover toss and the kick out Hey, I can't keep track of them all!!
Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
I've done that so many times. I've also almost accidentally sat on a kitty a few times when someone decides to jump up into my chair when I'm starting to sit down!
I actually have sat on a cat (more than once)
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I've never kicked Popsie off the bed but I've accidentally elbowed him in the face while adjusting the covers.
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I haven't kicked him off the bed yet, but once when I was napping on the futon I accidentally stretched out one of my legs and kicked him a little in the face.

I felt soo bad. He just gave me like this mortified look and scrambled down to hide under the futon. Guhh. Poor baby.
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I have done that a few times. It's worse, when I will go to roll over, and an unsuspecting snoozing kitty will be right on the edge of the bed, and when I roll over, I will accidentally pull the blanket out from under the sleeping puss! Oops...onto the floor she goes!!! They are used to it by now, though, and usually come back up within a few minutes, and crawl safely onto my back, or onto my pillow instead...somewhere that they CAN'T get 'tossed' to the floor! Haha!
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It's hard not to kick, displace, elbow, or smoosh a tail when there are four cats and two people on a queen size bed! Flowerbelle insists on curling up in bent knees or a curved tummy - but when she sleeps between legs, she almost always "almost" gets crushed when someone moves around. But she's learned to move quick - and then just settles right back down.

Fortunately sending someone flying off the bed doesn't happen too often. And ours is a platform - so there's nothing they'll go flying into.

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almost every day, lol and normaly i get told off by heyu for doing it as she jumps back up on the bed.
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my sister kicked cookie in the morning and she went flying across the room and hit a dresser
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Yesterday morning I woke up chilly and in a half asleep state yanked the duvet back over me - and heard 'bump bump' as 2 furry bodies fell off the bed
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