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Board Magic Please!!!!!

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I just applied to a job that will probably receive a billion applicants. I just sent my application in & needed some positive job vibes that will separate my application from all the other ones!

Can you send some board magic my way??

Thanks everyone!!

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Sending magical levitating resume vibes, so yours floats to the top!
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kass- board magic coming your way. i'll be praying for you!

but of course, WE all know you are one in a billion!!!
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Get the jb vibes on the way! I mean, only an insane person would pass up the opportunity to have you work for them!
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I echo ALL of the above sentiments!

Prayers, thoughts, good wishes AND good vibes going out to the Universe and/or up to God!
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Good, warm vibes, from Tucson. Send some this way, too - I have an interview, tomorrow morning.
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sending positive vibes towards both your way kass and cindy!

good luck!
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Boy, have I been there and I don't want to go there again. Sending lots of good luck energy that you get the job
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Good vibes going out to both of you, Kass and Cindy! They would be nuts not to hire both of you!!!

Oh, and can we add me to the list here, too? I have an opportunity of a lifetime to break into one of the most difficult corporations around to get a foot in the door, thanks to a member here no less. (No one can tell me TCS isn't magic for that in and of itself!)
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Thanks everyone!!!!!

And magic positive job vibes being sent back to all who need them!

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Kass....best of luck. i hope you get the job!

And sending tons of positive thoughts to all who are job hunting!
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Good luck getting the job, Kass!
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Good luck with the job. *positive vibes on the way*
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Did you have the interview yet Kass? How did it go? Sending positive career thoughts for both you and Kat!
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Prayers and positive thoughts going your way!!!!! Have you heard anything back yet??? Keep us posted! Good luck Kass!!!!!
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I will be calling them at the beginning of the week. Thanks for all the positive vibes!!

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I wish you luck tomorrow when you call! What kind of job is it?

The job that I applied for..... I re-took the test, and passed, so it'll be 2 weeks on Thursday. From what I gathered, I was supposed to have gotten the job & receive an offer letter this past Monday. I called Tuesday, and I guess someone has a question about my application. So, if I dont hear by Friday, I will call again to see if I can help. If you ask me, you DONT tell someone when their start date would potentially be, and give you hope .... I still have hope that I will get the job. I would be making MUCH more than my current job, and it's a great opportunity for me!
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