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Are your cats purring?

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How many people's cats are purring at the moment?

Beauty's wandering around the room purring her head off nearly.
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Mines not.. if I went and picked her up she'd probably start.
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Originally Posted by rescuecatsrule View Post
How many people's cats are purring at the moment?

Beauty's wandering around the room purring her head off nearly.
Lets see: Oreo is stalking Jazz, Jazz is trying to dominate mount Tosh and Snickers is sitting in her "cardboard box". Nope, no purring going on here.
I am sure if I went over to Snickers and pet her she would start purring.
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Same here. If I went and started stroking Lena, she'd start purring. Right now, she's busy in the litter box, so I think she's concentrating on that.

Larry's hiding out/sleeping in the closet. I have yet to hear him purr since I've had him, but I'm working on it.
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Sterling's not purring. He's curled up on top of my guitar amplifier, and he only purrs when he's curled up next to my wife at night.

Punkin's not purring now, but if I pick him up, he will. Funny thing is, he'll start squirming right way to escape, but he'll keep on purring until I put him down.
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Stumpy is walking around looking for mischief, so definitely keeping quiet.

Smudge is following Stumpy like an annoying little sister Also not purring.

Lily just walked by and rubbed against me as she went by, but no purring.

If I touch any of them, they'll start though.
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Mine is napping on a chair tucked under the dining table. IN about 15 minutes or so, she'll move to another spot. But yes, she purrs and gasp! *SNORES*.
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Lola is stretched out on me, purring and drooling. Cleo's sleeping by the furnace register (probably not purring) and Maggie is running around like her tail's on fire (definitely not purring!)
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Fae & Penny are still hanging out in their room while they get over the cold they caught at the shelter, which gives Midnight a bit more time to become adjusted to them. So I'm not sure if they're purring at the moment, though whenever Fae sees me she starts purring.

Meow is on my youngest daughter's bed, snoring away. He snores so loud I can sometimes hear him from another room. If I were to start petting him he'd purr. But I'll let him sleep.

My husband works night shift so Midnight is sleeping with him right now. She seems to sleep alot since during the night she'll sleep with me too. If you shift or move in bed, she'll start purring. If I were to go upstairs right now and get something from my bedside table I know she'll start purring and probably even "mwerp" at me.

I'm looking forward to when Penny & Fae can be out in the main area of the house more. Fae seems like she'll happily hang out on my lap and purr while I'm on the computer.
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Kisa May only purrs when she's kneeding and suckling. Other than that...she does'nt.
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Sonic is on my lap purring his little head off. Jacob is asleep on the sofa and I'm not 100% sure where Radar is, but as they're not getting cuddled they are probably not purring right at this moment.
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Coco is on a chair Purring. Meeko is on a box purring. Oreo is right next to me Purring loudly and Sasha is Purring.
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Mine aren't at this moment...

One is under the couch watching me type...her usual position at this time of night.

Another one is on the back of the couch, snoozing; again, a typical position for that kitty.

The other is on the bed snoozing.
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George WAS purring on my lap a minute ago, until he saw his big yellow ball out in the hallway and lept off my lap to go pursue it
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Demetri was when he was on my lap, but now he's talking to a pigeon.

Farley and Ana are playing chase.
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Rusty and Dusty are getting in a little playtime before bed. Dusty was purring earlier. Once I go to bed, they will be crawling all over me purring their heads off
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I'm pretty sure that Matilda is off somewhere sleeping. Or she's sitting somewhere thinking about how much she hates me.

Chloe's not purring, but she's right next to me sitting on my printer. She likes to sit up there while I'm on the computer and watch. She doesn't usually purr unless she is "nursing" on one of her blankets.
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Rachel is purring. Cubby is taking a bath. So he isn't purring.
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Quill is sitting in the middle of the hallway watching my mum get he boots on. and he's probably purring. It's so hard to tell with him, unless you practically put your head to his fur and you can hear him chuzzling away
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Sparkle will be, as she always is LOL! whilst she's flexing her claw's on the quilt in the lounge no doubt! she made that quilt her's, when i put it on the sofa Glamorous doesn't usually purr all that much, maybe when she's sleeping but no other time really. & Izzy is purring away in her bed hehe
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Only all the time
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The cats that are always purring: Snowball, Sushie, Sadee...They purr as soon as you pet them
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Teddy is purring cos he is eating lol. He is a pretty vocal kitty...When he was younger he used to cry with a mouthful of food. lol. He purrs even when i accidently kick him in the head on the bed. He is the same colour as my blanket so sometimes i dont see him
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Danny isn't much of a purr-er. He'll do it if I am back after being gone for a few hours or at dinnertime!
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None of mine really purr much unless I start to pet them. At the moment they're all sound asleep so no purring going on here!
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it seems like Oliver is in the middle of a dream right now, so I'm pretty sure there's no purring going on. But he is almost constantly purring when he's awake.. even when I am putting medicine in his eye..
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When we 1st got Blossom she was a big purrer. Now that she's grown you can only feel her purr. She doesn't meow either.
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squishy was purring up a storm but she fell asleep on my shoulder
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Sammie is fast asleep in the sunshine now, so at the moment, no, but she is a big purrer.
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She is still purring...
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