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The Fix Is In

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Good for the city of Los Angeles. The goal is to make it a "no-kill" city by 2010.

The article doesn't say this but today is Spay Day and mobil spay trucks will be perform spays and neuters all day. Breeders are exempt from this law.
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Goodness I hope they achieve that goal.
even if it just causes a surge in the number of s/n, its still worth it.
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Lets hope many more cities and counties follow this excellent example!
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Good job, L.A.
I spotted the paragraph about the Neuticals - fake testicles for neutered male dogs, cats & horses, which lets them keep their "self esteem" That's still the big problem that I've encountered with people who won't neuter their pets - they think that the males feel badly after getting "cut". I've yet to see that the pet feels that way - but I do think that the pets pick up on the owners' vibes. Why is an unneutered dog so macho??
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
I spotted the paragraph about the Neuticals - fake testicles for neutered male dogs, cats & horses, which lets them keep their "self esteem"
I saw that too and am

I know its true that people think this, but at the same time so silly, IMO.

So let's say that we do get every dog and cat spayed/neutered in the U.S. At some point they will all die off, right? Well, what happens to shelters or the Moggies genre (notice I didn't say "breed" )? I like having a bi-polar cat like Luna or a cat that thinks he's human somedays such as Whitey.
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I've thought about what happens if we're totally successful in ending random breeding, but it seems so far away that I'm not going to worry about it.

I'm sure we will find a way to let our cats breed someday. If we can end the need for shelters, well I just say hooray!
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That's's probably 1,000 years away.

I thought about the shelter thing more, but humans will still need a place to dump a cat, breed or I guess shelters wouldn't go away...probably just become far and few between...
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This is great news. Hurray for LA. The only worry I have about mandatory spay/neuter laws is if their is a lack of corresponding low cost programs for this service. This isn't a problem in LA, but in some rural areas it is.

I hope the local vets, shelters, Animal control, etc, keep detailed records to see what impact this has on the homeless pet population, including the feral cats.

I say include the ferals, because I hope this sees a decrease in the dumping rate of unwanted litters. Some say laws like this will actually increase dumping of pets by people who refuse to spay/neuter, so that is also a possibility.

LA's results could provide the information needed for other cities/counties/states to pass such legislation. If we ever run into a time when the mutt or moggie is in danger of becoming extinct, the laws can be repealed.
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A second story on the same subject: Bob Barker was there!
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That's fantastic. Ireland badly needs a law like that. I even had a person recently ask me why did I get my cat neutered if he's male?!! D'uh squared!
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